Discover a true remote work solution from tool to tool

Connect your business tools to enhance and enable remote project management with an automated solution that provides teams with bidirectional access to the data they need in real-time without leaving their interface, or location, of choice.

"Unito provides a very reliable and easy to implement sync interface between Jira and our design team - Kudos to the Unito team for providing an awesome app."

Ralph F. , Senior Software Management Consultant

Empower teams to work together from anywhere, to anywhere

Syncing work apps with an automated solution enables and empowers teams to collaborate remotely and be more productive with fewer manual tasks to perform or obstacles to overcome.

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Remote project management

Maintain an overview of all projects by syncing their tasks into your preferred interface, whether it be Asana, Jira, Wrike or another. Changes or updates made in one tool, appear in every other in real-time, courtesy of Unito’s bidirectional sync.

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Facilitate remote brainstorms

Sync Miro data from collaborations with remote colleagues to the tool(s) of your choice to simplify and streamline the transfer of information back to everyone’s preferred work interface after brainstorming or planning sessions.

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Keep an eye on due dates and milestones

Sync major events or milestone data into a team or business Google Calendar so everyone can stay on top of scheduling from any location.

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Simplify Remote Reporting

Craft in-depth reports on the status of initiatives across your business from any location with access to key data from everyone’s tools synced directly to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable.

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Collaborating Seamlessly with Contractors in GitHub and Asana

"With a single Unito flow, I can scale velocity on-demand and maintain high quality in technical work by relying on multiple freelancers without becoming a full-time project manager."

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