Unito connects and synchronizes business apps such as Asana, Github, Wrike and more.

Unito is the only app that automatically synchronizes projects, tasks and conversations. When you connect your work management tools, everyone has better visibility into what’s going on. Business and development teams collaborate seamlessly. Project Managers coordinate multiple projects, regardless of the system they’re in. Product Managers maintain a high-level roadmap. Executives keep tabs on everything that’s going on. Everyone can work better together while using the apps they love.

Collaboration just got easier. Get sync’ed. Try Unito today!


Unito syncs project management and software development tools, so no-one is left out of the loop

Get two-way synchronization between all your favorite business or developer apps in one minute or less. Unito Sync makes modern apps work better together.

Key Features

  • Easy 1-minute setup and advanced options
  • Secure project or team based permissions
  • Deep and automatic synchronization: Tasks and issues are synced, but also conversations, attachments, subtasks and more
  • Unlimited projects and data transfers
  • Projects: Synchronize individual projects from one work management app to another to get things started.
  • People: Get team members on board sharing insights, files, & statuses from either app.
  • Platform: Choose how elements from each platform pair up. Sync issues in GitHub to tasks in Wrike, milestones to custom fields and streamline your workflow.

The Backstory

Co-founders Marc Boscher, John Espinoza and Eryk Warren struck gold when they came up with an unconventional, solution to the hairy and prominent business problem of online collaboration. Collaboration is on the rise, and the massive proliferation of online apps to collaborate with causes as many headaches as the apps themselves solve. Over the course of their incubation with Montreal’s Founder Institute program last summer, they created Unito. A project and task management “untool”.

Rather than building another project management or collaboration platform, they chose to build AI-facilitated collaboration through easy to use app connectors.

“This was a problem we understood well, having each of us worked in companies where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) led to Bring Your Own App, and the hassles that were created when different teams needed to work together. We saw how everyone had strong preferences for their developer or management tools, and how painful it was to keep everything in order,” CEO and cofounder Marc Boscher recounts. “There are software connectors out there which are general purpose, but we weren’t satisfied with the ones we tried because they tend to focus on one-way imports and not real synchronization. As managers, we shouldn’t have to waste our time resolving conflicts or having to merge or duplicate data. As developers, we should be coding the product, not maintaining integration scripts to third party apps. So we set out to create something that we would love to use, and that is simple for everyone.”

Unito was launched to a private beta group in October 2015. It featured automatic synchronization between Github, a popular developer app for tracking code changes, and Wrike a well-known project management tool. Soon after, they connected Asana and Atlassian’s JIRA as well. Last month, they announced support for the long-awaited “custom fields” feature in Asana.

After one year in beta, Unito is launching their apps synchronization platform and is offering a free 14-day trial to everyone and 25% to all of its early adopters who used it throughout beta. Also, anyone who signs up to the site through its ProductHunt feature before 4 November will receive a 20% off discount applied automatically to their first year’s subscription.

The Team


Startup Festival Highlights

After a series of 10 pitches, Unito is very proud to have won FounderFuel first prize at the 2015 Startup Festival.

Founder Institute Graduation

Unito took the 1st place of Montreal's FI second cohort. It started 4 months earlier with 51 aspiring entrepreneurs...

Unito Latest Milestones