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Ralph Figueroa, Senior Software Management Consultant

Unito provides a very reliable and easy to implement synch interface between Jira and our Design team ticketing solution - Kudos to the Unito team for providing an awesome software.

Andrey Makarov, DevOps Engineer

After we got frustrated with other solutions we gave Unito a try and it was the perfect match. Easily customized exactly to our needs, a breeze to set up and manage, and backed by an amazingly responsive and helpful team. Highly recommended!

Tatianna Wiegand-Stuart, Senior Coordination of Web Production

Unito brings together our multi-divisional team so everyone can use their preferred tool without worrying about missing important information.

Robert Lew, Business Systems Manager

Using has saved us an incredible amount of time and resource. As well this has increased the overall value of these individual applications when used in across enterprise processes.

How does Unito work?


Sync projects 2-way across apps so that everyone can collaborate without barriers and get things done.


No more status meetings. Never wonder what’s going on with a project. Nothing falls through the cracks. It’s better work. Together.


You don’t need another task tracking tool. Think of us as an “untool” that gets out of the way so your whole team sees the big picture.


Sync tasks, issues, epics across tools. Sync comments, attachments, labels, tags, and anything you can imagine any way you want.

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