Sync your teams

Unito syncs your project management tools
so no-one is left out of the loop

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Enable full two-way sync in a minute

  • Project-based

    Choose the projects in the tools you want to connect and sync will start between them.

  • Automatic

    From there, everything is automatic: every 5 minutes changes will sync both ways.

  • Deep

    No worries, tasks and issues are synced, but also conversations, attachments, subtasks etc.

Supercharged Project Management

Coordinate your projects

All your projects, whether dev related or not, updated automatically in the tool of your choice

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Maintain a live roadmap

Have all your issues and tasks in one live roadmap, whether they come from your tool of choice or others

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Keep your teams in sync

Every action taken in one tool will be synced in the other: new tasks, conversations, updates, etc.

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