Jira two-way integration

Establish deep two-way workflows between the apps and tools you use. Unito syncs issues back and forth between Jira and your other work software based on simple rules and filters set by you.

Customize your workflow with the perfect pair

Sync Asana + Jira with Unito

With a little help from Jeremie Ponak - Product Marketer at Unito - learn how to set up a Unito two-way flow to sync Asana tasks with Jira issues.

Example rules for a Jira sync

Two-way integrations between Jira and your other tools

Unito connects your Jira projects with your other tools and keeps everything in sync. New issues and their updates flow seamlessly back and forth between Jira and the rest of your stack.

Map fields between the apps you are integrating

Define how and what information is synced

You determine exactly what information flows from your Jira projects to other tools and vice-versa. Create rules and filter project issues based on your requirements, so only the right information is shared. Then, define how fields are mapped between your tools, so everything is always where you need it to be.

"We use JIRA for internal purposes and Trello as a client-facing tool. It used to be difficult to manage both the updates manually. Unito made it simple and easy for us [to sync Jira and Trello]. It is easy to manage and has a lot of features and flexibility that we can configure as per our requirements."

Keertana S , Senior Test Analyst

Gain an extra work day with Unito

"Unito allows us to have the right project management tool and the right development tool so teams can get done what they need to get done without either of them having to sacrifice."

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Unito syncs the following Jira Server fields:

Issue fields One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Affected version icon: info
Assignee icon: info
Attachment icon: info
Reporter icon: info
Comment icon: info
Component icon: info
Project name icon: info
Date picker (custom field)* icon: info
Date time (custom field)* icon: info
Description icon: info
Due date icon: info
Epic icon: info
Fix version icon: info
Float (custom field)* icon: info
Issue number icon: info
Issue id icon: info
Label icon: info
Multiple checkbox (custom field)* icon: info
Multiple select list (custom field)* icon: info
Multiple user picker (custom field)* icon: info
Priority icon: info
Radio button (custom field)* icon: info
Remaining estimated duration icon: info
Resolution icon: info
Single select list (custom field)* icon: info
Sprint icon: info
Sprint end date icon: info
Sprint start date icon: info
Issue status icon: info
Subtask icon: info
Issue type icon: info
Textarea (custom field)* icon: info
Text field (custom field)* icon: info
Original time estimate icon: info
Time spent icon: info
Summary icon: info
Link to issue icon: info
Url (custom field)* icon: info
User picker (custom field)* icon: info

* Custom fields are only available with certain Unito plans. Visit our pricing page for more information.

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An integration for every type of Jira user

Unito supports Jira on-premise and Jira cloud, so you can build the workflows that make the most sense for your business. We also offer a Jira Service Management integration.

Visit the Jira Service Management integration