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What we're building

Tons of companies use tools like Trello, Notion, and Google Sheets that don't play nice with each other. We're working on transforming the way people work across tools so they waste less time on busywork.

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Why our team is our superpower

We put tremendous effort in acquiring the best talent, giving them the tools they need to succeed, and directly contributing to their growth. We make sure everyone knows exactly how their work is contributing to Unito's future.


We're a community of passionate and diverse people who are close-knit both in and out of the office. We run hobby groups for everything from jam bands to D&D, and rock-climbing. Our executives are parents, so our work environment is absolutely parent-friendly. We offer flexible schedules, in-person events, and more, so everyone has the support they need to do their best work.


Many companies say they're transparent. At Unito, we put our money where our mouth is. Everyone gets the same monthly updates our CEO sends to investors. Salaries are fully transparent, and everyone has access to all company metrics. Transparency is the default for our executives, managers, and every team member.


The tech industry is growing at a tremendous rate, and Unito is growing with it. That means a ton of opportunities for employees to learn, grow their skill set, and build their career within Unito. We achieve this through a supportive onboarding program, regular growth conversations started by managers, and clear promotion criteria.

"The team is nurturing, accepting, encouraging and thoughtful. I started as an intern but never once felt like anything other than a respected member of the team."

Glassdoor review , Community Manager @ Unito

How we pay our people

Talking about money isn't taboo at Unito. No one should ever wonder if they're being paid fairly.

Always competitive

Our salaries aren't arbitrary: they're data-driven. Promotions and yearly salary increases are based on the market, not rigid processes.

Fair pay

We're proud of the fact that 40% of executive roles at Unito are held by women! We work hard to keep the gender pay gap in check by continually adjusting salaries of roles traditionally dominated by women to ensure fairness as much as possible.

Transparency is everything

Our compensation strategy outlines exactly where our numbers come from, how growth is planned at every level, and what your expectations should be when you join the team.

More about compensation at Unito

Adjusting for salary disparities

Marie Rose Rioux, our CFO and VP Business Operations, talks about our approach to developing a system that weeds out disparities and ensures fairness on the Work and the Future podcast.

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"Salaries are transparent among employees, which is revolutionary for women who often earn less than men without even knowing it."

Glassdoor review , Partner Program Manager @ Unito

We're proudly Montreal-based

Our Montreal office is our home base. This is where we meet our newest hires, catch up around beers, and brainstorm on our next big project. That culture is an important part of Unito, so we are a Montreal-based, hybrid work company.

Hybrid model

Work remotely for part of the week so your schedule stays flexible.

In-office gatherings

In-person interactions foster creativity and belonging, so we ask that our staff show up at the office regularly. Beyond that, you're free to pick which days of the week you want to spend at the office.

We only hire locally

We are Montreal-based, and so are our employees. If you're not a Montrealer yet, we can be flexible while you move — and advise you on the immigration side!

We just opened our brand new office!

It's located in the heart of downtown, and was designed as an open-plan, vibrant workspace. We even have a fully stocked beer fridge.

Is it a good fit for you?

We won't pretend that we're a perfect company. Working in a high-growth environment comes with challenges, and we want to be transparent about them. That's why we want you to hear them directly from Glassdoor reviews:

Change is a constant

Given the nature of startups, the work structure and scope is constantly changing and adapting which takes getting used need to be comfortable with constant change and able to adapt quickly

You'll need to find your own pace

The company gives you the latitude to invest as much as you want, it can be a challenge at times to find the right work/life balance but it's up to each person.

Get paid for a trial run

Our hiring process is a two-way street. Work on a paid pilot project to see if Unito’s a good fit for you.

Phone screen

Meet with our recruiter to see if we are aligned about the role and expectations, and ask all questions you may have!


Meet with your future manager and team members. Ask questions, and know the skills required for the role.


Try working with us to see if it's the right fit and whether you can see yourself working with us


We'll provide feedback on the hiring process, share the details of the offer and answer any remaining questions!

What is a pilot project?

The pilot project is your chance to show us how you work and our chance to show you why Unito is a great place to do it.

Work with the team

You'll be working on a real project that Unito needs to get done, not a standardized test. You also get to collaborate with your potential team.

Get paid

We are not going to waste your time. You get paid for the work you put in, even if we don't end up hiring you.

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