The workflow management platform built for modern and agile organizations

Deep two-way integrations between all of the tools in your enterprise stack. Gain visibility, align teams, save time, and maximize the value of your SaaS investments.

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How Unito drives organizational value

  • Drastically increase the speed of task completion through bidirectional tool sync
  • Improve transparency and visibility into work being done
  • Save time by not having to duplicate or hunt for information across tools and projects

  • Increase the agility and velocity of teams by removing tool barriers
  • Enable powerful cross-team and cross-company collaboration
  • Automate reporting at all levels — from resource planning to executive reporting

  • Quickly scale tool adoption by connecting new solutions to existing ones
  • Increase engagement in existing tools by removing friction points in collaborative workflows
  • Hands on onboarding and support from Unito’s dedicated workflow experts ensures a smooth roll-out

  • Increase the security of tools by limiting access to only essential users. Everyone else can receive information through syncs.
  • Save money through reduced seat requirements and optimized licensing
  • Increase engagement in existing tools and multiply the value drawn from software investments through deeper integration

Integrate industry-leading tools in every category

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Premium services and support

Unito provides hands-on, tailored support and services to meet your specific needs. This may include a dedicated customer success manager, custom onboarding, workflow workshops, playbook creation, and more.

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Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Integrations mean your most important work data is flowing through multiple tools. We take this extremely seriously. Unito is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and has put in place robust security and privacy measures to keep your data safe. We also offer SSO support exclusively to our enterprise customers (currently in private beta — contact us for more information).

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Unito can scale alongside your business. The platform supports extremely large data sets and legacy workflows can be modified to capture new essential information. Our growing list of integrations — both cloud and on-premise — ensures Unito can support your workflows even as you add or change software tools.

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Administrative services

The Unito team can create tailored collateral and training for more personalized onboarding, build custom analytics dashboards to provide insights on how your team works across tools, and offer a sandbox for testing new features without interrupting your workflows.

"It’s one of the best ways to sync data between Trello and any other tool. (You keep using Trello — everyone else can use their thing)"

Michael Pryor , Co-Founder, Head of Product @ Trello

How valuable is Unito?

Tool overflow can leave organizations disjointed and siloed. This can have a negative impact on alignment and collaboration, leading to wasted time and money. Use this to estimate the value Unito can bring back to your business.

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True cost of wasted time

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Estimates calculated based on user data for tool activity and manual tasks, and US-based hourly salaries.

Unito can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs

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