Accelerate ticket management

Resolve customer issues faster and improve retention with automated 2-way workflows between ticketing apps, CRMs, software development tools, and more.

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Unito's automated integrations keep information flowing

Automate ticket dispatching

Set simple rules in Unito to assign tickets or tasks from support to engineering or IT and back.

Collaborate across different tools

Loop in anyone to help with customer tickets as fields update in real-time.

Gain visibility into customer success silos

Sync tickets from all tools to a master repository for enhanced visibility.

"The most successful businesses understand the importance of infusing great customer experiences into everything they do. Unito is key to helping companies provide the best customer service experiences by keeping people in sync as they collaborate across tools and teams."

β€” Tim Marsden , Senior Director, Technology Partner Ecosystem @ Zendesk

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How Hope International Connected Jira and Wrike to Streamline IT Support

β€œIt gives better visibility to the executive users and the project managers. It's really going to enable us to have more clarity in our reporting and collaboration between teams.”
Chris Adams, IT Administrator, Hope International

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