Simplify project reporting with real-time updates

Send project updates to stakeholders automatically with real-time updates from other apps to your spreadsheet whenever changes are made.

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Keep your spreadsheets up-to-date automatically

Gain live visibility from any source

Turn any tool into a source of truth by syncing the latest updates from every task and record.

Populate spreadsheets and databases in real-time

Continually import or export data as soon as it appears in your connected tools.

Unify data siloes

Review data from multiple sources and update each with the latest details.

"We use the same solution to create team dashboards—giving leaders visibility into the workflow of their direct reports. It's like someone flipped on the light switch. Now communication, tasks and status flow seamlessly across boards, teams and org structures."

Doug Casellini , Sr. Digital Marketing Manager @ Premier Research

Optimize your support team's efficiency with Unito

How a local municipality integrated Trello and Google Sheets to Streamline Reporting

"I’m really happy we purchased Unito — it’s so easy. I had an idea in my mind and it only took an hour to build."

— Oskar Lindberg, Digital Transformation Manager@ Järfälla Kommun

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