Stay agile with software development teams

Connect your developers with teams in other tools by syncing tickets, issues, and pull requests to tasks, spreadsheets, calendars and more.

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Unito's automated integrations simplify collaboration with software teams

Automate issue and ticket dispatching

Create tasks based on tickets or issues for teammates in other tools and keep them in sync.

Align product and software teams between tools

Connect product management tools to software development tools to keep teams in their preferred interface.

Create a master project for all tickets, issues, and pull requests

Track ongoing work between your connected tools from a single master project.

"A few clicks and we were set up. Easy to use. Easy to get started. We use Github for engineering and Asana for planning, works great."

Dimitri Kandassamy , Head of Delivery, Engineering @ Ricardo

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How Topl Supercharged Open-source Development between GitHub and Jira

"Even if I hadn't logged in to Unito in weeks, I could easily give someone else the ability to handle things themselves within 30 seconds." - James Aman, CTO at Topl

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