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Unito's workflow management solution allows you to create a layer of connectivity across all the tools in your business, with integration, customization, and true bidirectional syncing.

"It is easy to set up, integrates well with Trello and Github, and acts as an invisible member of our team that keeps us aligned."

Nathaniel N , Senior Software Developer, Agile & Scrum Coach @ Management Control Systems Ltd

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how teams work together

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Deep integrations between tools

Simple automations won't cut it. True collaboration relies on information. Share as much or as little as you need, from an entire project to just a few tasks. Unito's two-way integrations allow you to sync assignees, due dates, comments, and more.

Syncing that truly goes both ways

Two-way integrations don't have to be complicated. Set up a single flow to carry over everything you need from one tool to the other, and back. Group flows together to create a workflow that spans a whole suite of tools and connects your teams.

Design your dream workflows

Create seamless workflows in a more visual way. The easy-to-use grid interface, field mapping, rules, and a host of other settings let you control the flow of information and shape your workflow to fit your unique business process. Choose the right tool for the job instead of the easiest one to work around.

Report and align on projects

With Unito’s unique cross-tool data, surface actionable insights on team activity across all the tools in your workflow, allowing you to track and improve how people work together in your business.

How we compare to our competitors

Detailed features

Built for your projects, your workflows, and your teams


Strip out the noise and sync exactly what you need. Rules can be defined for almost any field, including tags, assignees, comments, custom fields, and more.

Only sync new tasks

Experiment with a single flow without affecting your entire workflow. Whether it's a new rule or a different mapping, turn on “Only sync new tasks” and the name says it, only new tasks will be affected by the changes.

Live sync

No more waiting around for updates. Unito's syncs happen in real-time. Focus on what you do best while knowing you always have the latest updates when and where you need them.

Attachment streaming

You shouldn't have to go into an app you don't know or don’t have access to, to get the attachment you need. With Unito, you can see any synced attachments from your primary tool. Stay in the app you know without losing access.

Flow duplication

Need to create the same flow for multiple teams? With flow duplication, you only need to set your flow up once. Duplicate it as many times as you need, and get back to doing what you love.

Rich text formatting

Keep communication rich and clear with full support for lists, colors, links, tables, and more in all synced tools. No more broken text or markdown when you send an emoji over! 🎉

Workflow status

Troubleshooting your flows has never been easier. Live workflow status gives you the visibility you need on the health of your flows, and gives actionable insights in the error messages so you can solve issues without the headache.

Integrations at scale

Our integrations can connect to cloud and on-premise deployments of any size, all the way to massive Jira deployments with millions of records, while always matching your compliance requirements.


Control who can access and edit your workspace settings. Admins can manage their Unito account subscription and invite relevant team members to collaborate on workflow building. You can sleep well at night knowing only the people who need access have it.

Coming soon

Always more integrations

We’re constantly working on adding new integrations to ensure we grow at the same rate your business does. See what's next on our integration roadmap.

Coming soon

Workflow templates

Design and define reusable workflow templates to help standardize your flows and accelerate their rollout. Any members of your team can create and access workflow templates if needed.

Unito vs the competition

Project managers need a responsive, fully-featured project management tool in order to keep their team on task. Here’s how we compare.

Core integration functionality
Supported integrations
Ease of setup
You should get this if...

Unito vs. Unito

Continuous two-way integration and syncing
Work management tools
No-code solution
You need to collaborate seamlessly across tools

Unito vs. Zapier

Light, task-based automation
Thousands of apps
No-code solution
You need to automate basic task processes

Unito vs. IFTTT

Light, trigger-based automations
Hundreds of apps
Personalized trigger setting
You need to automate small chunks of your workflow

Unito vs. Workato

Large-scale automation through pre-built recipes
Hundreds of apps
Pre-built recipe-based
You need to automate large, complex processes

Unito vs.

Large-scale, trigger-based automation
Hundreds of apps
No-code solution
You need to automate information exchange

"A few clicks and we were set up. Easy to use. Easy to get started. We use Github for engineering and Asana for planning, works great."

Dimitri Kandassamy , Head of Delivery, Engineering @ Ricardo

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