Simplify task management

Deliver your team from data silos with tasks synced automatically to your other tools or projects with real-time 2-way updates.

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Unito's automated integrations break down data silos.

Assign tasks automatically

Set simple rules in Unito to assign tasks to teammates in other tools.

Collaborate in different tools

Share the workload with teammates in other tools as synced tasks update in real-time.

Gain immediate visibility into project silos

Sync tasks from all tools to a master project for complete oversight.

"Unito saves me a lot of time to sync Wrike to Trello. It didn’t force us to live in one environment or another. Different teams have different needs and Unito bridges the gap."

Stephanie Todd , Corporate Services - Procurement Manager @ Buckle Inc.

Optimize your efficiency with Unito

How a leader in college tutoring transformed their sales pipeline with 2-way sync

"We've saved so much time not having to execute the same steps as before. Not to mention the soft hours saved - all of the confusion or waste trying to find the right files. Unito has saved me hours each day." AC Furey, Executive Director of Education at Thirty-Six Education

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