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Outfunnel is an email automation platform with built-in integrations to sync contacts and handle email marketing. But if your team needs custom workflows that can sync contacts as well as other work items and a wider range of tools, you need an expertly crafted integration. That's why Unito is your best Outfunnel alternative.

How we compare
Ease of use Easy Easy
Sync and automation 2-way 2-way
Customizability Moderate Extensive
Live training No Yes
Set up efficiency Simple, no-code Simple, no-code
Onboarding time Minutes Minutes
Integration types Contacts Contacts, deals, organizations, tickets, tasks, tables and more!
Integrations 15 50

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A limited selection or limitless flexibility?

Which one do you want to use when describing your integration solution? Outfunnel can sync information from your Mailchimp or Pipedrive contacts to other tools, but does that cover all your use cases? What if you want to pull information out of a work hub to populate a contact? Or maybe you need to send contact information to a task in your CRM of choice? Only Unito gives you that flexibility.

Basic integration or total customization?

Outfunnel, like Unito, can keep your contacts in sync across tools, but it doesn’t support more complex workflows. Unito enables customizable field mapping, so you can tailor your integration to any tool, including those with custom fields. Our team is also open to any kind of feedback or suggestions, so if there’s a field or feature you’d love to see implemented, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Part-timers or full attention?

Outfunnel’s platform has plenty of features to keep marketers happy, from lead scoring to email marketing and tracking features. Their integrations are just part of this feature set. With Unito, you can expect one thing: dedication. That means a more robust platform, deeper integrations, and more support for your workflows.

See why 50,000+ users across the world have chosen Unito

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Use case: Populating tasks with contact information

Syncing your lead generation tool of choice with a CRM is a great way to enrich customer relationships. But what about dispatching work that supports those relationships? Teams may want to begin the onboarding process, start connecting with new customers via email campaigns, or inviting them to webinars and events. But if those teams are working in Asana, Jira, or Trello, they may not want to learn how to use HubSpot or Mailchimp to find new contact details. Unito is the best tool for syncing contact information to tasks in a work management tool and sharing updates back to your CRM.

Can only sync contact information between a CRM and marketing tools

Share contacts, tasks, and other work items between any tool with a 2-way sync.

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