Logos for Unito and Coefficient, representing a blog post comparing the two.
Logos for Unito and Coefficient, representing a blog post comparing the two.

Coefficient vs. Unito

Spreadsheets are still an essential part of many mission-critical workflows, even with the abundance of other software tools out there. That means marketing and sales teams have to work with spreadsheets at one point or another, no matter what they’re doing. That’s why there are a ton of platforms built specifically to move data in and out of spreadsheets. Coefficient is one of the most popular of these, with integrations for Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and a ton of data sources your teams rely on every day.

But is it the best option for your workflows? Or should you go with Unito?

Coefficient vs. Unito in a nutshell

Sync directionImport and exportImport and export with two-way sync
Update timeHourlyLive
Pricing information is based on Coefficient’s Pro plan for Google Sheets.

Unito has imports, exports, and two-way sync

Coefficient is a tool for pushing information from your favorite sales data sources to the spreadsheets where you do your analysis and reporting. But for the most part, it only allows you to import that data. While this helps save time on manual exports, it doesn’t really solve all your data problems.

Unito is a two-way sync solution that does it all; it imports data into your spreadsheets, exports it to other tools and keeps everything in sync everywhere. What does that look like in practice?

  • Aggregate marketing and sales data from multiple platforms to a central spreadsheet or database and sync changes from these tools back to those other platforms.
  • Use a single spreadsheet as a dispatcher for all your marketing tasks, ensuring they are up to date everywhere.
  • Pull project status information from multiple project management tools and feed them to your reporting spreadsheet, correcting any errors without leaving your spreadsheet.
  • And a lot more!

Unito’s two-way sync technology can be set up by any business user in just a few minutes, making it one of the best ways to unify data across your tools.

While Coefficient offers “write backs,” which export data from your Sheets, it is only for a limited set of connectors (Salesforce, MySQL, HubSpot, and Salesforce) and they don’t keep your data in sync automatically.

Unito keeps data in sync in real time

Coefficient is easy to use, allowing just about anyone to import data from multiple sources into their spreadsheets. But there’s an important drawback with their approach: the scheduling. With the Pro plan, Coefficient pushes data once an hour, which means any spreadsheet you’re looking at could have old data. That may not be a problem for some teams, but it’s a massive issue for any time-sensitive campaigns.

Compare that with Unito’s live sync, which keeps everything up to date in real time. With a Unito integration, your data is fresh — no matter where you’re looking at it. No scheduling exports and no need to double-check your numbers.

Unito has all the integrations you need for one price

Coefficient supports integrations for some of the most popular CRM platforms, databases, e-commerce tools, and more. Whether you need to analyze data from your social campaigns, break down e-commerce transactions, or harmonize customer information across your tool stack, there’s a Coefficient integration for you. But there’s one problem.

The price tag.

Your Coefficient plan covers a single integration, with every additional data source adding an extra charge to your subscription. If you want to turn Coefficient into your go-to solution for all the integrations you need, you’re looking at a sizeable bill.

That’s not the case with Unito.

With your Unito subscription, you get access to every single integration. No extra fees and no sales calls. Sign up and you’re done.

More users = better collaboration

Coefficient’s most popular plan only allows one user to set up and manage their integrations. That can quickly create a bottleneck as a single person carries the load for your team’s integration needs. Whether you need one built, updated, or troubleshooted, you have to go to this one user.

That’s not a problem with Unito. Your Unito plan allows for any number of users to build flows to integrate your tools and manage your integration needs. Instead of creating a bottleneck, you can democratize integration and improve collaboration throughout the organization.

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