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How to Track Issues Between Jira and GitLab Automatically With 2-Way Sync

Here’s how to track issues between GitHub and Jira with real-time updates whenever changes occur from end-to-end through 2-way sync.

How to Quickly Sync Notion Pages to Trello Cards With Automated 2-Way Sync

Here’s how anyone can set up a no-code integration in minutes flat with Unito’s 2-way sync between Trello and Notion.

How to Export Google Forms to Trello Automatically

Here’s how anyone on your team can set up a simple integration that turns Google Forms submissions into new Trello cards automatically.

A cloud dispensing various shapes to two people, representing two-way sync.

Two-Way Sync is the Future of Work: Here’s Why

The integration landscape is full of different tools trying to do essentially the same thing: streamline workflows and smash tool silos. Here’s our take on why two-way sync is your best option (and always will be).

How to Link Issues Between Jira and GitHub Automatically With 2-Way Sync

Here’s how to sync issues quickly between GitHub and Jira with automated 2-way updates from end-to-end with a code-free solution.

Featured image illustrating a step-by-step guide on syncing Trello to Microsoft Outlook through Unito, depicted by the connected logos through circles and dotted lines.

How to Sync Trello and Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Automated 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to connect Trello cards to an Outlook calendar with automated 2-way updates to keep both in sync while you work.

The Unito logo on a pale green background.

5 Things You Can Do With a One-way Create Two-way Update Unito Flow

With a one-way create, two-way update flow, you can use Unito to create new work items across tools and keep them up to date. Here’s how it’s done.

The Unito logo on a green background.

Unito’s 2023 in Review

Happy holidays and happy new year! Here’s a quick look at everything Unito from 2023.

An illustration of two people sitting in a classroom setting, representing the Buy vs Build guide.

Guide: Build or Buy? Integration Acquisition 101

In this guide from Unito, you’ll learn how to pick between integrations you can just deploy pre-built or the ones you build yourself.

Unito Product Updates

Unito Product Updates: A Master List

An ongoing list of all the updates, big and small, made to Unito.

Break Your Data Out of Trello With the Export & Sync Power-Up

Trello’s a great project management tool, but sometimes you have to do a bit more with your data. Here’s why Export & Sync is the best way to get Trello data into Google Sheets.