An illustration of the Smartsheet and Unito logos
Boost Your Workflow IQ With Unito’s New Smartsheet Integration
An illustration of the Smartsheet and Unito logos

Boost Your Workflow IQ With Unito’s New Smartsheet Integration

How’s your workflow’s IQ? Does your workflow power through any challenge you can throw at it or does it stumble right out the gate? Mixed metaphors notwithstanding, you need the top tools, the best techniques, and some agility to build dream workflows.

If Smartsheet is your tool of choice and you collaborate with teams that live in other tools, our new beta integration has you covered. Unito lets you optimize your workflows across tools, meaning updates and tasks can be accessed by anyone across your organization, no matter what tool they’re in. Find out what this means for your Smartsheet workflows.

Want to see how Unito customers are using our Smartsheet integration? We talked to SMG Bahamas about how they’re using Unito to integrate Smartsheet with Trello.

What is Smartsheet?

At its core, Smartsheet is about taking the standard spreadsheet and turning it into a project management powerhouse. The platform has been around since 2005, and is now used by more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies.

Smartsheet gives project managers access to robust analytics and intricate data displays. You can track expenses, budgets, timesheets, create forms, build databases, and use it to track tasks. The platform has unlimited custom field potential and deep, customizable task hierarchies. We’re thrilled to add Smartsheet to our integration family!

What is a beta integration?

We use our upcoming integrations page to gauge interest in future Unito integrations. When there’s enough interest in one, we build a beta version to better understand your use cases, giving us the ability to tailor the integration to your needs. Releasing this beta means you can get your hands on our Smartsheet integration sooner.

There are a few differences between a beta integration and its fully released counterpart, all of which can be found in our Help Center article on the Smartsheet integration. Here are some of the highlights:

Things you can do with our Smartsheet integration

  • Creating Sheets from Unito: No need to leave the workflow designer to create the Sheets your workflow needs.
  • Mapping supported fields: Unito’s default mapping settings cover a wide range of use cases, but customizing your mappings gives you more control over your workflow. Check our primer on the Smartsheet integration to know which fields are supported.
  • Filtering supported fields: Unito’s rules let you control the flow of information between tools. Visit our Help Center for a detailed list of the fields you can use in your rules.

Things you can’t do (yet!)

  • Syncing subtasks: We don’t support full task hierarchies with our Smartsheet integration quite yet.
  • Filtering and mapping unsupported fields: For now, you won’t be able to sync, map, or filter people, symbols, comments, or descriptions.

Beta integrations allow us to measure interest and adjust to your use case. This helps us improve our roadmap to reflect your needs, so use our Smartsheet integration thoroughly! If you run into any problems — or you need a new feature — please contact us! Your feedback is invaluable.

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