Project management

Managing projects is a tough gig. You need the right tools, mindset, and skillset. In this category, you’ll get articles on all of this.

A person with a spool of paper, representing time tracking reports.

What Is a Time Tracking Report?

Time tracking reports let you know how time was spent on a specific project. Here’s why reporting on this is important.

Logos for jira next to smiling people, representing better Jira roadmaps.

Using Unito To Build Better Jira Roadmaps in Tools Like Notion

Jira’s roadmaps aren’t doing it for you? Here’s how you can use one of Unito’s integrations to sync information from Jira issues to a tool that’ll let you build a better roadmap.

Icons floating around an open laptop, representing workflow automation.

The Beginner’s Guide to Workflow Automation

Every project you kick off comes with boring manual work that no one wants to do. But with workflow automation, that doesn’t have to be the norm. Here’s why.

How To Optimize Development by Syncing Jira With Trello

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn how you can use Unito to sync Trello cards from any board with Jira issues.

How to Sync Trello Cards with Asana Tasks

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn how you can use Unito to sync Trello cards from any board with Asana tasks.

A report card with three different grades, representing the variance report blog post.

A Guide to Variance Reports for Project Management

Things don’t always go according to plan. With a variance report, you can tell stakeholders, leaders, and other teams exactly what happened and why.

A jenga tower with a block falling off, representing risk reports.

Risk Reporting: A Definition, Tips, and Free Templates

Whether you’re running a lemonade stand or a multinational software company, you’re going to run into risk. With a risk report, you can communicate those risks to the people that matter. Here’s how it’s done.

Two people standing in front of an abacus, representing a project budget.

How To Create a Project Budget (With a Template)

A project budget can communicate scope, track progress, and more. Here’s how you can build your own, with a template to get you started.

The notion logo within an open Notion window, representing Notion project management.

Notion Project Management: 5 Things You’ll Need

Need a new system to run your projects? Want to use Notion? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start, like what pages you’ll need and how to get everyone on the same one.

Logos for Unito, Jira, and Google Sheets, representing the progress report use case.

Report on Jira Issues Automatically With Google Sheets and Unito [TEMPLATE]

Need a way to report on work in Jira without jumping back and forth between tools? Save hours of work with this template for Google Sheets.

A life preserver, representing risk management.

Risk Management: A Definition, a Framework, and More

Every organization faces potential risks. To their bottom line, their employees, their very future. With proper risk management, you can mitigate some of these and ensure your business keeps on thriving.