Project management

Managing projects is a tough gig. You need the right tools, mindset, and skillset. In this category, you’ll get articles on all of this.

The Trello logo in a selection box, representing the Trello templates blog post.

The 22 Best Free Trello Templates for Project Management, Team Management, And More

Trello is so easy to use that it’s hard to know where to start. When you need a way to track your meetings, manage your tasks, run projects, it can all seem like too much. So why not start with one of these templates?

An illustration of a person building a report, representing a post about making a marketing plan.

How To Create a Stellar Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is an essential part of ensuring any marketing campaign’s success. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating yours.

Project deliverables

Project Deliverables: What They Are and How to Scope Them

As a project manager, you’re probably used to throwing around the term deliverables on a daily basis. But do you and your team really understand what they are or how to craft them?

A woman writing on a clipboard representing the project proposal blog post

What Is A Project Proposal? (And How To Write One)

Have a great idea for a project, but it needs to go through a few stakeholders first? That’s when you need a project proposal. Here’s how you can write your own.

A to-do list, representing the personal to-do list workflow

How To Optimize Your Personal To-Do List Workflow

If you’re like the majority of knowledge workers, you spend the first chunk of your day making sure all the information you need is in the same place. Here’s how to make that a breeze.

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How To Manage Your Cross-Functional Team With Agile

Learn how to maximize your cross-functional team’s effectiveness with an easy tutorial on agile methodology.

An illustration of a man at a laptop, representing a monthly reporting template.

What Is a Monthly Reporting Template? (And Some Templates To Help You)

Monthly reporting templates are used by CEOs, team leads, and project managers to share progress with the rest of the business. Here’s how you can use them, too.

An illustration of two people flipping through Gantt chart templates.

13 Free Gantt Chart Templates for Google Sheets

Gantt charts are a great way to manage projects with a lot of dependencies, and these templates will help you get started on the right foot.

An illustration of a document and a pencil, representing a project brief.

How to Create a Project Brief (With a Template)

No good project can start without a brief. Here’s your guide to writing a project brief that’ll get your work approved and keep it headed in the right direction.

A stack of toppling books stopped by a bookend, representing dependencies in project management

Dependencies: What They Are and How They Affect Project Management

Complicated projects often have dependencies, meaning some tasks can’t be completed until another task is done. Here’s how you can manage these tricky relationships.

An illustration of looping lines on a grey background, representing collaborative develompent.

Automated Reporting Methodology: How to Build Your Report the Right Way

Automated reporting is all about streamlining the way you report on projects, but without the right methodology you won’t get very far.