Project management

Managing projects is a tough gig. You need the right tools, mindset, and skillset. In this category, you’ll get articles on all of this.

Waterfall method of project management

A Guide to the Waterfall Model for Beginners and Project Managers

The straightforward nature of the waterfall model makes it a popular and easy project management system to adapt. Any team, regardless of size, can track the progress of a project and each member can determine the importance of their contributions.

Logos for Trello, Smartsheet, and SMG Bahamas, with the words Case Study written above

Case Study: How SMG Bahamas Supercharges Construction With Unito, Trello, and Smartsheet

“You can say what you’ve done, and thanks to Unito no one had to go through the pain of collecting the information.” – Brendan Ginns, General Options Manager at SMG Bahamas

A stack of toppling books stopped by a bookend, representing dependencies in project management

Dependencies: What They Are and How They Affect Project Management

Complicated projects often have dependencies, meaning some tasks can’t be completed until another task is done. Here’s how you can manage these tricky relationships.

Two folders with documents flying between them, representing data migration

Data Migration: What It Is and Everything Else You Need to Know

Data migration covers the process of getting crucial data from one place to another. Find out how it’s done, as well as some common challenges you should be aware of.

Project stakeholder management

Stakeholder Management — A Guide for Project Managers

As the projects you manage get bigger and more complex, you’ll start to notice you’re dealing with more and more people on a daily basis. This is where stakeholder management becomes so important.

Project management terms

40 Project Management Terms You Need to Know in 2021

With the evolution of traditional to digital project management, new challenges, solutions, and tools have resulted in a slew of new terms. As these lexicons continue to grow longer and longer, it has become harder to keep track. We’re here to help.

A bar graph on a board, representing the progress report

How To Write a Progress Report (With a Free Template)

A progress report is how you let everyone else know what your team’s been up to. Learn more about what goes into writing a progress report and get a free template for writing your own.

A green post it with a lifted corner, representing Scrum

Scrum: A Definition and Some Pointers

Heard the word “Scrum” in a meeting and you’re not sure what it means? Or maybe you’re just curious about how it’s implemented? Find out what Scrum is, how it works, and just who the Scrum Master really is.

A pair of running shoes, representing sprint planning

What Is Sprint Planning and How Is It Done?

The Agile methodology uses sprints, two-week periods where developers crush tasks. But how do developers — and their leaders — figure out what they should focus on each sprint? Find out what sprint planning is, how it works, and get a free template for doing it yourself.

A computer monitor surrounded by symbols for chat, income, and statistics, representing CRM software.

What Is CRM Software and Which One Should You Use?

We’re way past the time of the Rolodex. So how do today’s teams keep track customer information? They use CRM software.

An open book, representing the user story.

The User Story: What It Is and How It’s Used

Want to find out what happens when you mash story time with software development? Learn the definition of the user story, get some examples, and find out how they’re used as a launchpad for development work.