Optimize account management

Empower your team to do more every day for your clients by automating account management with Unito. Assign tasks instantly with real-time 2-way updates.

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Unito's automated integrations enhance account management

Assign tasks automatically

Set simple rules in Unito to assign deal action items to teammates in other tools.

Collaborate in different tools

Connect with clients or colleagues in other tools with automated, real-time updates.

Keep leads in sync through your sales funnel

Move leads through the funnel by connecting CRMs, support, marketing automation tools, and more.

"Unito's easy to set up, and it syncs updates from HubSpot tasks and deals to other tools and back. It's a great solution for teams of all sizes."

Scott Brinker , VP Platform Ecosystem @ HubSpot

Optimize your efficiency with Unito

How one California realtor automated tasks and delegation in Trello

"We first started using Trello to track our sales pipeline. I would manually make a card for each person then match them internally. We’ve saved so much time not having to execute the same steps as before. Unito has saved me literally hours each day.” - AC Furey, Executive Director of Education

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