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How one California real estate firm automated tasks and delegation in Trello

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Use case

Task Management

"Even if Unito just saves me two minutes per board, we’re opening and closing multiple transactions per day. It probably saves me 30 minutes per day. That adds up."

Megan Baptista , Founder and Realtor @ My TC Concierge

Organization through automation comes naturally to Megan Baptista. She started her real estate business, My TC Concierge, to support realtors and their clients by coordinating transactions from start to finish through a well-organized Trello board. This includes quite a bit of paperwork and a ton of project management. To make this process a breeze, she relies on Unito to save time while keeping everyone aligned on day-to-day priorities.

Initial challenge: Overwhelmed by overflowing Trello Boards

Although Megan handles the intricate, technical details of real estate transactions, she doesn’t want to spend her days bogged down in them, so she relies on tools to speed up her day. For a while, she was using Zapier to automatically create and populate Trello boards for new clients. When each customer has a new transaction, Megan would fill out a Google Form with key information, such as the property address. Zapier would then automatically create a transaction board in Trello, with a series of cards that represent all the tasks Megan and her team needed to complete. 

An example transaction board

So far, so good. All of the key information was in Trello, where it needed to be. Except that, since My TC Concierge handles so many clients, Megan’s boards quickly became jam-packed. The solution she actually needed would require an open, two-way connection between boards, something Zapier couldn’t offer on its own. For that, Megan needed Unito.

“The basic automation worked, but it was just so overwhelming. I couldn’t really get an overview of what was going on. I wanted to get a sense of when my team was checking off tasks and be able to review key details from just one Trello board.” 

Megan Baptista, Founder, My TC Concierge

Solution: Syncing card data to a streamlined workflow

With new boards being created for each transaction, Megan needed to consolidate and dispatch key tasks. She started by building a master board in Trello to oversee all the tasks related to transactions.

Then, she built a two-way flow with Unito to sync data between a transaction board and the master board. Megan then turned that flow into a template which she duplicated for every transaction. Then, she synced them all to the master so every card associated with a transaction was accessible and editable from one place. It became her single source of truth.

With the master board set up, Baptista then built individual to-do list boards for herself and her assistants. These include lists for cards due today, transactions closing this week, action plans, and completed tasks. Unito then enabled her to each each to-do list to the master board as well. From there she could delegate by assignee or the type of task involved.

An example to-do list board for one of Baptista’s team members

“Unito is my little assistant. He goes to everybody’s desk and says ‘Here’s what you’re doing today.’ He’s our little runner. Instead of being emailed or jumping on a call with my assistants just to find out if something is done, Unito tells me, and automatically removes it from our to-do list.”

Combining Unito and Zapier

In Baptista’s case, she wanted specific parts of each transaction to go to specific members of her team. So, she set up Zapier to automatically apply a label when a certain word is detected in a card — “contingency” for example. Once that label is applied, all contingency tasks will be synced to one of their to-do list boards. 

She has even created additional boards for specific needs. She has a contingencies board that allows her to see all of those cards at a glance. And she has a board called Today’s Calendar, which surfaces all tasks due today, regardless of whose board they’re on.  

An example of a secondary board synced to the master board to gather all contingencies into a single view

The results: $4,700 USD and 49 hours saved per week with Unito keeping 50k Trello cards in sync daily

Now, Megan starts every day knowing exactly what she has to do, because Unito populates her to-do list. With her priorities automatically in order, she can dedicate more time to her clients, since Unito is taking care of the rest.

Unito’s internal estimates of Megan’s usage (a combination of items in sync and users working with Unito workflows) calculates the team would need to spend approximately 49+ hours and $4,700 USD to maintain manual oversight of every Trello card. My TC Concierge’s Unito workflows sync over 50,000 Trello cards each day with Unito’s Trello master board.

To summarize:

  • Each new customer gets a board. This is automatically populated by Zapier.
  • Then, each new transaction gets its own board. This is automatically populated by Zapier.
  • All transactions boards are synced to a master board by Unito. 
  • The cards related to each transaction are automatically labeled using Zapier.
  • Unito then syncs these cards to the appropriate to-do list board, automatically delegating the work across her team.

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