Trello two-way integration

Establish deep two-way workflows between the apps and tools you use. Unito syncs cards back and forth between Trello and your other work software based on simple rules and filters set by you.

Customize your workflow with the perfect pair

Sync Trello + Jira with Unito

With a little help from Jeremie Ponak - Product Marketer at Unito - learn how to set up a Unito two-way flow to sync Trello cards with Jira issues.

Example rules for a Trello sync

Two-way integrations between Trello and your other tools

Unito connects your Trello boards with your other tools and keeps everything in sync. New cards and their updates flow seamlessly back and forth between Trello and the rest of your stack.

Map fields between the apps you are integrating

Define how and what information is synced

You determine exactly what information flows from your Trello boards to other tools and vice-versa. Create rules and filter board cards based on your requirements, so only the right information is shared. Then, define how fields are mapped between your tools, so everything is always where you need it to be.

"Unito multiplies by 100 the value I can get out of Trello. Seriously."

Louis Beauregard , Director of Operations and Product @ Learning Bird

"Unito has saved me literally hours each day."

"We’ve saved so much time not having to execute the same steps as before. Not to mention the soft hours saved - all of the confusion or waste trying to find the right files. Unito has saved me hours each day."

— AC Furey, Executive Director of Education@ Thirty-Six Education

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Unito syncs the following Trello fields:

Card fields One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Member icon: info
Attachment icon: info
Creator icon: info
Checklist item completion icon: info
Checkbox (custom field)* icon: info
Checklist icon: info
List icon: info
Comment icon: info
Board name icon: info
Created at icon: info
Updated at icon: info
Date (custom field)* icon: info
Description icon: info
Due date icon: info
Card id icon: info
Due date checkbox icon: info
Label icon: info
Dropdown (custom field)* icon: info
Number (custom field)* icon: info
Start date icon: info
Status icon: info
Text (custom field)* icon: info
Title icon: info
Link to card icon: info

* Custom fields are only available with certain Unito plans. Visit our pricing page for more information.

See everything Unito's Trello integration can do in the Unito Help Center.

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