2-way sync

2-way sync establishes relationships between data in different tools, so that changes to one update another. You can work in any tool knowing you'll always be up-to-date from end to end.

Empower your team to create and sync data automatically from one tool to another

Your information can flow freely between tools with 2-way sync to save everyone from manual updates or tedious recipe-based automations.

A task in one app becomes a ticket in the next. A meeting in your CRM becomes a calendar event. Siloed data becomes fully integrated as changes in one tool appear in the other and vice versa.

Why 2-way sync?

Collaborate with other teams, eliminate data silos, align with stakeholders or clients remotely, and facilitate operations with greater visibility and oversight.

Faster collaboration

No more data silos

Greater alignment

"2-way sync enables a sophisticated workflow to keep PM and dev tools connected. Working without it is a major hassle and platforms such as Unito take the pain away from that process."

Ryan Duguid , Product Leader and Regional Director @ Microsoft

How is 2-way sync different from automation?

Automation solutions operate on trigger-based recipes. So, “if this in Tool A, then that in Tool B.” That's a 1-way sync.

Linking multiple objects or fields together requires 1 recipe per change in each direction, just to simulate 2-way sync.

To achieve the same results as a single flow with true 2-way sync, you would need 16 recipes.

2-way sync between product and development teams

16 triggers & actions

in a traditional automation tool

Scale workflows for deeper use cases without repetitive output

To build a ticket escalation workflow between 5 tools with automation, you'd need 96 recipes versus just five flows in a 2-way sync platform.

5-tool workflow for ticket escalation and reporting

96 triggers & actions

in a traditional automation tool

Discover the power of sync

Every action in your organization generates data. You can manage that data manually for hours, or see how the power of sync can simplify your day.

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Here's how Unito's 2-way sync platform works:


Connect your tools


Set a flow direction


Add rules to sync what you want


Pair fields between tools

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