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Unito eBook on 6 risks to marketing and IT, featuring expert insights from marketing and IT leaders at Meta, Okta, HubSpot, Salesforce, Dataiku, and PRA Group, with a foreword by Lekha Doshi, VP GTM Operations, LinkedIn.

eBook: 6 Risks Facing Marketing and IT in 2024

In this eBook, you’ll find interviews with 15 senior executives from marketing and IT backgrounds on how to align teams on shared business goals.

How to Connect Azure DevOps and Wrike with 2-Way Sync in 2024

Here’s how to connect and integrate Azure DevOps to Wrike in a 2-way real-time sync through Unito’s automated no-code integration.

Best Practices for Azure DevOps in 2024

Here’s a deep dive into recommended best practices for how to manage projects, teams, and work items in Azure DevOps in 2024.

Connect Airtable to Azure DevOps with Automated Changes and 2-Way Sync

Here’s a step-by-step guide to connecting AzureDevOps to Airtable with Unito’s 2-way integration for software teams.

How to Pull Data from Another Sheet (In Google Sheets and Excel)

Working with multiple spreadsheets can be tough. Here’s how you can consolidate that data, both in Google Sheets and Excel.

Maximize ROI: Essential Facebook Advertising Strategies to Deploy in 2024

From ad formats to copywriting, audience analysis and tactics, here’s your guide to essential Facebook advertising strategies in 2024

How to Connect Asana to Eloqua with 2-Way Sync

Here’s how to integrate Asana with Eloqua through Unito’s 2-way integration platform to keep tasks and campaigns in real-time sync.

Featured image illustrating a step-by-step guide on syncing to Microsoft Excel through Unito, depicted by the connected logos through circles and dotted lines.

How to Sync Tasks to Microsoft Excel with Automated Updates

Here’s how to build a report in Microsoft Excel based on by syncing tasks to your spreadsheet with Unito’s two-way sync.

A robot reaching for a Notion logo, representing Notion automations.

Notion Automations: What They Are and How To Get the Best

Here’s a full breakdown of Notion automations, from how you can get one to how you can find the best opportunities to automate your Notion workflows.

How to Link Live Google Ads Data with Google Sheets Automatically

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to sending Google Ads data into a spreadsheet automatically with Unito’s real-time 2-way integration.

Featured image with Logos for and Google Sheets, representing Unito's guide to syncing tasks to a Google Sheets spreadsheet with a 2-way integration.

How to Quickly Export and Sync to Google Sheets With Automated 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to send data to or from Google Sheets with Unito’s simple 2-way integration that anyone can set up in a few clicks.

The Trello logo in a selection box, representing the Trello templates blog post.

The 22 Best Free Trello Templates for Project Management, Team Management, And More

Trello is so easy to use that it’s hard to know where to start. When you need a way to track your meetings, manage your tasks, run projects, it can all seem like too much. So why not start with one of these templates?