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Google Sheets Sales Reporting

How We Simplified Sales Reporting With Google Sheets and Unito

With Unito’s Google Sheets integration, you can build an automated sales report, removing the burden of manual updates from your team.

Two headshots of smiling people around the flow list screen in Unito.

Build Dynamic Progress Reports With Google Sheets and Unito [TEMPLATE]

Building progress reports can create a number of headaches. You need to consolidate data from multiple sources, turn it into something that makes sense, and then build the actual report. Here’s a template to save you time and headaches.

The Google Sheets logo, with a dropdown menu on which Copy Template is highlighted, representing Google Sheets project management.

Google Sheets Project Management: What It Is and 5 Templates That Make It Easier

Thinking about managing your next project with Google Sheets? Here are 5 must-have templates that cover Gantt charts, project planning, monthly expense tracking, and more.

A list of flow activities with tool logos, representing the activity stream

Stay In Complete Control With Unito’s Activity Stream

Part diagnostic tool and part report, the activity stream is the feature you need to keep a bird’s-eye view on your Unito flows. Here’s how it works.

Logos for Slack and Unito, representing Unito's new Slack integration

Go From Talk To Act Faster With Unito’s Latest Integration

Slack is Unito’s newest beta integration! Find out how it works and what it can do for your Unito flows in this breakdown.

Logos for Google Sheets and Unito, representing Unito's new Google Sheets integration

Supercharge Your Sheets With Unito’s Latest Integration

Google Sheet’s is Unito’s latest beta integration! Find out how it works and what it can do for your Unito flows in this breakdown.

Logos for Notion and Unito, representing Unito's new Notion integration

Build Better Workflows With Unito’s Newest Integration

Notion is Unito’s newest beta integration! Find out how you can add it to your workflow, learn what the integration can do, and sign up for your free trial now.

A toolbox with the google sheets logo, a wrench, a phone, a clipboard, and a diagram, representing google sheet add-ons

15 Must-Have Google Sheets Add-Ons

Google Sheets is a powerful — and free — spreadsheet tool. But did you know you can turn it into a powerhouse with the right add-on? Here are 15 essential Google Sheet add-ons.

Airtable Templates

How to Create an Automated Resource Management Report With Airtable and Unito

A resource management report offers a rapid look at how each team member spends their time and effort.

Cans connected by a tangled up string, representing conflict resolution skills

We Read 50 Articles on Conflict Resolution Skills So You Don’t Have To

Even the tightest teams will run into issues. But if you want to turn conflict into an opportunity rather than a cliff dive, you need the right skills.

An l-shaped tetris blog, representing the data extraction process

Everything You Need To Know About Data Extraction

Heard about data extraction, but you’re not sure what it is? Here’s our breakdown of the practice, the main challenges, and some tools that make it all easier.