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Happy, indifferent, and crying faces, representing customer success

Customer Success: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

Customer success is how you keep your customers engaged from the onboarding session to their day-to-day use of your product. Here’s how it works.

Logos for Google Sheets, Google Contacts, and Unito

How to Export Google Contacts to a Spreadsheet

Learn how to export Google Contacts to a spreadsheet automatically with Unito’s simple no-code, 2-way sync.

A tv remote, representing the single source of truth

It’s Time To Say Goodbye to the Single Source of Truth

Is a single source of truth possible? Maybe. Is it worth the effort? Probably not. So what should you be doing instead? Let’s dive in.

Logos for Slack, representing the Slack alternatives blog post.

The 5 Best Slack Alternatives

Slack is a great chat app, but it’s not necessarily the right option for everyone. If you’re looking for a Slack alternative, here are some of your best options.

A butterfly, representing the project life cycle.

What Is the Project Life Cycle?

The project life cycle tracks a project’s progress through planning, execution, and retrospective. Here’s everything you need to know.

Logos for Unito, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets.

How to Sync Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets with Unito

Learn how to sync Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets and back with Unito’s automated, no-code, 2-way integration for spreadsheets.

Two people working at desks under a Discord logo, representing its use for business.

Should You Use Discord for Business?

Looking for a chat app for your business? Wondering if Discord’s the right fit? Here’s our breakdown of whether Discord’s a good option for businesses.

Logo for Discord, representing a guide for how to use Discord.

How To Use Discord: A Guide for Beginners

Need to learn how to use Discord? Here’s our full guide on the interface, how servers work, and even sending your first message.

A road with a sign saying there's road work ahead, representing a list of startup tools.

The 13 Essential Startup Tools for Rocket-Powered Growth

You’ve got your idea, you’re ready to start, but you don’t have the startup tools? Here’s a list of everything you need before you start.

A spreadsheet surrounded by blue symbols, representing the Google Sheets beginner's guide.

How To Use Google Sheets: A Guide for Complete Beginners

Need to learn how to use spreadsheets in a hurry? Here’s our full guide to Google Sheets including the interface, creating your first spreadsheet, and which formulas you should use.

How to Share Jira Epics in Asana

Learn how to share Jira Epics in Asana and sync them to Milestones with Unito’s automated 2-way workflow integration.