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Logos for google sheets, Trello, and the municipality of Jarfalla, representing the case study.

Case Study: How Järfälla Live-Synced Google Sheets Reports to Their Trello Boards

“I’m really happy we purchased Unito — it’s so easy. I had an idea in my mind and it only took an hour to build.” – Oskar Lindberg, digital transformation manager

Two people standing in front of an abacus, representing a project budget.

How To Create a Project Budget (With a Template)

A project budget can communicate scope, track progress, and more. Here’s how you can build your own, with a template to get you started.

Logos for Airtable and Asana, representing the internal case study.

Case Study: Turning Airtable Records Into Asana Tasks With Unito

“Thanks to Unito, our in-depth audit in Airtable doesn’t have to stay trapped in a tool silo. We can sync all that information over to Asana and dispatch tasks automatically from there. That saves us a bunch of time.” – Morgane Davy

Logos for Miro and Asana, representing the automating retrospectives case study

Case Study: Automatically Pulling Asana Action Items From Retrospectives in Miro With Unito

“With a single Unito flow, every Miro card is automatically synced from a retrospective to an Asana project, saving our team leads save hours of valuable time.” – Charlie Whicher, Senior Product Manager at Unito

Logos for Asana and Google Sheet, representing the automatic data entry case study.

Case Study: Automating Financial Data Entry From Asana to Google Sheets Using Unito

“By connecting Asana and Google Sheets with a Unito flow, we’re saving hours of manual work and eliminating even the most tenacious data entry errors.” – Andrea Ramirez, Business Operations Specialist at Unito

Case Study: Hybrid Brainstorming With Miro, Asana With Unito

“By building a single Unito flow, we avoid hours of busy work and never have to draw straws to find the person responsible for copying insights from Miro into Asana.” – Andrea Ramirez, Business Ops Specialist at Unito

Logos for Asana and GitHub, representing the Unito case study for outsourcing web development

Case Study: How Unito’s Marketing Web Developer Collaborates Seamlessly With Contractors Across Tools

“With a single Unito flow, I can scale velocity on-demand and maintain high quality in technical work by relying on multiple freelancers without becoming a full-time project manager.”

The Better Workplace Toolkit: For Those Who Want To Do Better

We built the Better Workplace Toolkit to help all businesses build a fairer and healthier work environment. That includes some of Unito’s own internal documentation — like a compensation matrix template and remote work framework — and input from experts throughout the industry.

A screenshot of Unito's flow builder, with flows for Google Contacts.

What Is Google Contacts: A Guide for Beginners

In this beginner guide, you’ll learn how to navigate the Google Contacts interface, add new contacts, edit existing contacts, and more.

The notion logo within an open Notion window, representing Notion project management.

Notion Project Management: 5 Things You’ll Need

Need a new system to run your projects? Want to use Notion? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start, like what pages you’ll need and how to get everyone on the same one.

Logos for pipedrive and Unito, representing Unito's pipedrive integration

Sync Pipedrive With Unito’s 25 Other Integrations

Need an integration for Pipedrive? Sync Pipedrive contacts to database tools like Notion and Google Sheets, work hubs like Asana and Trello, and more.