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How to Easily Export Typeform Responses to Google Sheets Automatically

Set up a simple automated sync between Typeform and Google Sheets that turns surveys into spreadsheet rows automatically with Unito.

Logos for GitHub and Jira, representing a GitHub to Jira integration.

How To Set up a GitHub to Jira Integration (2 Methods)

A GitHub to Jira integration can help developers collaborate seamlessly with product managers and other teams. Here are two ways to do it.

How to Sync Confluence Pages with Trello Cards Automatically

Set up a 2-way sync between Confluence and Trello to share documentation, tasks, data and more with Unito’s automated integration.

An illustration of dark blue dots on a light blue background.

5 of the Best Form Builder Software for All Projects

Form builder software will let you build online surveys, purchase forms, registration forms, and more. Here are some of the best.

Featured image displaying the logos of jira and Notion in Unito's guide to setting up a simple Two-Way Sync

How to Report on Development in Jira and Notion With a 2-Way Sync

Follow this guide and matching template to automatically sync crucial data from Jira to Notion in just a few clicks with Unito.

An illustration of a Google Sheets template.

20 Google Sheets Templates for Everything from Project Management to Budgeting

With these Google Sheets templates, you can turn your spreadsheets into project management tools, budgeting platforms, and more. Here’s how.

An illustration of a report, representing a post about HR reporting.

HR Reporting: What It Is and Some Essential Reports

HR reporting is all about making sure your teams have everything they need to perform at their best. Here’s how it works.

Logos for ClickUp and Jira, representing a blog post comparing ClickUp vs. Jira.

ClickUp vs. Jira: Which Tool Is Best for Your Projects?

When comparing ClickUp vs. Jira, the work your team will do, the collaboration features you need, and the price will be big deciding factors. Here’s the full breakdown.

An illustration of looping lines on a grey background, representing collaborative develompent.

Democratizing DevOps: GitLab’s Role in Collaborative Development

The days of developers working behind closed doors are over. Here’s why GitLab is leading the charge for collaborative development.

How to Sync Azure DevOps Work Items with Asana Tasks with Automated 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to quickly connect Azure DevOps and Asana to sync work items and tasks with automated 2-way updates whenever changes are made.

An illustration showing how to create a dropdown list in Google Sheets.

How to Add Dropdown Lists to Google Sheets

By adding dropdown lists to Google Sheets, you can reduce data entry errors, streamline updates, and more. Here’s how.