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Featured image displaying the logos of Google Sheets and Wrike in Unito's guide to setting up a simple Two-Way Sync.

How to Automatically Export and Sync Wrike Tasks to Google Sheets with 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to automatically export Wrike tasks to a report in Google Sheets with Unito’s two-way sync for professionals.

Featured image illustrating a step-by-step guide on syncing one Google Sheets account to another through Unito, depicted by the connected Google Sheets logos through circles and dotted lines.

How to Sync Multiple Google Sheets with Automated 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to set up real-time updates between Google Sheets and another tool through Unito’s 2-way integration.

How to set up a Salesforce Google Sheets integration with 2-way sync

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to sending Salesforce data into a spreadsheet automatically with Unito’s 2-way integration.

Logos for Notion and Jira, representing syncing Jira issues with Notion's synced databases and Unito.

How to Sync Jira Projects to a Notion Database (3 Methods)

Looking to sync Jira issues to Notion? You can do in two ways: native Notion features, or with a little help from Unito. Here’s how these two methods work.

Logos for Zapier and representing the zapier vs. blog post vs. Zapier: Which Solution Is Right for You?

Is your workflow getting choked down by manual work? That means you need an automation solution. In this breakdown, we’ll match up vs. Zapier.

How to Create Simple Charts and Sparklines in Google Sheets

Charts and sparklines allow you to better represent the data in your spreadsheets and draw insights in moments. Here’s how you can build these easily.

Featured image with Logos for Asana and GitHub, representing Unito's guide to syncing GitHub Issues to Asana tasks with a 2-way integration.

How to Set Up a GitHub-Asana Integration With Automated 2-Way Updates

Learn how to sync GitHub repos to Asana projects and back with Unito’s automated, no-code, 2-way integration for project management.

How to Connect and Sync ClickUp to Microsoft Excel With Automated 2-Way Updates

Here’s how you can easily export ClickUp tasks and lists to Microsoft Excel with 2-way automated updates using a no-code integration.

Featured image displaying the logos of Trello and Microsoft Excel in Unito's guide to setting up a simple Two-Way Sync.

How to Sync Trello Cards with Microsoft Excel for Faster Reporting

Build a report in Microsoft Excel based on Trello board activity by syncing cards and spreadsheets with Unito’s two-way integration.

Logos for Unito, Google Sheets, and Google Ads, representing a Google Ads performance report template.

Free Template: Automated Google Ads Performance Report for Google Sheets

Get your Google Ads data into a dedicated, dynamic report with this Google Sheets template. It gets even better with Unito.

The Unito logo with the title "The Power of Sync" and logos for popular SaaS tools.

Unlock the Power of Sync (Ebook)

Data integration isn’t a luxury, but most existing platforms haven’t stepped up to the plate in a meaningful way. In this ebook, you’ll learn how a 2-way sync can change the game for your organization.