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A logo for Confluence surrounded by other logos, representing how to use Confluence.

How To Use Confluence: A Guide for Beginners

When learning how to use Confluence, you need to know the interface, how to create a page, and more. Here’s how to do it all.

Featured image displaying the logos of Trello and HubSpot in Unito's guide to setting up a simple Two-Way Sync

How to Easily Sync Trello Cards to HubSpot with Automated 2-Way Updates

Learn how to sync HubSpot deals, tickets, and tasks with Trello cards and streamline workflows for sales, marketing, and operations teams.

An illustration of dark blue dots on a light blue background.

5 of the Best Form Builder Software for All Projects

Form builder software will let you build online surveys, purchase forms, registration forms, and more. Here are some of the best.

Featured image displaying the logos of jira and Notion in Unito's guide to setting up a simple Two-Way Sync

How to Report on Development in Jira and Notion With a 2-Way Sync

Follow this guide and matching template to automatically sync crucial data from Jira to Notion in just a few clicks with Unito.

An illustration of a Google Sheets template.

20 Google Sheets Templates for Everything from Project Management to Budgeting

With these Google Sheets templates, you can turn your spreadsheets into project management tools, budgeting platforms, and more. Here’s how.

Logos for ClickUp and Jira, representing a blog post comparing ClickUp vs. Jira.

ClickUp vs. Jira: Which Tool Is Best for Your Projects?

When comparing ClickUp vs. Jira, the work your team will do, the collaboration features you need, and the price will be big deciding factors. Here’s the full breakdown.

An illustration showing how to create a dropdown list in Google Sheets.

How to Add Dropdown Lists to Google Sheets

By adding dropdown lists to Google Sheets, you can reduce data entry errors, streamline updates, and more. Here’s how.

How To Use Data Validation in Google Sheets

Using data validation rules in Google Sheets will keep your spreadsheets clean and free of errors. Here’s how it’s done.


Zendesk or Wrike? Integrate both for a dynamic CX solution!

Zendesk and Wrike both have a lot to offer whether you need customer support or a dedicated CRM. Unito lets you sync both with 2-way updates.

Unito vs. Exalate: Which Integration Solution Do You Need?

Unito and Exalate are two options for syncing work items back and forth between tools. Here’s how you can pick the best one for you.

How to Use IMPORTRANGE in Google Sheets

When you have a ton of spreadsheets, you’ll need ways to consolidate your data. That’s where the IMPORTRANGE formula comes in. Here’s how.