Azure DevOps two-way integration

Establish deep two-way workflows between the apps and tools you use. Unito syncs work items back and forth between Azure DevOps and your other work software based on simple rules and filters set by you.

Customize your workflow with the perfect pair

Sync Azure DevOps + Zendesk with Unito

With a little help from Jeremie Ponak - Product Marketer at Unito - learn how to set up a Unito two-way flow to sync Azure DevOps issues with Zendesk tickets.

Stay in sync with 2-way integrations

Unito syncs work items back and forth between Azure DevOps and your other tools out-of-the-box.

Share the right information in the right place

Personalize your integration by choosing which details to sync. Pair up individual fields any way you want to enjoy the freedom of flexibility.

Sync historical data as far back as your tools allow

Unito doesn't just sync new data, it also gives you the option to sync all historical data that matches your rules.

Choose what syncs and what doesn't

Control how your information syncs and where it goes with fully customizable rules that let you separate the data you need from the data you don't.

"Finally a platform that delivers sophisticated two-way sync between DevOps, Jira, Git, Trello, and Airtable. Keeping PM and dev tools in sync is a major hassle and Unito takes the pain away from the process. Before discovering Unito I'd tried Zapier and Power Automate, but they're only good for one way integrations unless you start chaining them together."

Ryan Duguid , Product Leader/Regional Director @ Microsoft

Gain an extra work day with Unito

"Unito allows to have the right project management tool and the right development tool so our teams can do what they need to do without changing the way they work."

— John Fuller, Scrum Leader @ The University of Oregon

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Unito syncs the following Microsoft Azure DevOps fields:

Work item fields One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Acceptance criteria icon: info
Assignee icon: info
Swimlane icon: info
Boolean (custom field)* icon: info
Updated at icon: info
Comment icon: info
Created at icon: info
Datetime (custom field)* icon: info
Description icon: info
Due date icon: info
Effort icon: info
Unique identifier icon: info
Identity (custom field)* icon: info
Integer (custom field)* icon: info
Picklist (custom field)* icon: info
Remaining work icon: info
State icon: info
Story points icon: info
Text (custom field)* icon: info
Tag icon: info
Target date icon: info
Work item type icon: info
Title icon: info
Link to issue icon: info

* Custom fields are only available with certain Unito plans. Visit our pricing page for more information.

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