Meet the Best Alternative to Mulesoft Composer

MuleSoft is used to build 1-way automations. But if your team needs custom 2-way workflows that transcend tool barriers without breaking the bank, Unito is your best MuleSoft Composer integration alternative.

How we compare
Price points
(starting at, per month)
$2,250 $769
Ease of use Technical skillset required Easy
Sync and automation 1-way 2-way
Customizability Extensive Extensive
Set up efficiency Professional services required Simple, no-code
Onboarding time Months Minutes
Integrations Less than 10
3 included on starter
Integrations included 3 Unlimited
250,000 tasks Unlimited
Historical syncing Yes Yes
Live training No Yes

Note: this is a comparison between Unito's Business plan and Mulesoft's Starter plan. Learn more on our pricing page.

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Automation or integration?

A single Unito flow can send information back and forth between tools with detailed rules and custom field mappings chosen by you through a simple, point-and-click interface. MuleSoft Composer connects tools at scale using a chain of traditional, one-way automations that require advanced technical knowledge to implement.

Depth or breadth?

MuleSoft Composer offers integrations for tools such as Jira, Stripe, and Salesforce. Unito offers dozens of integrations with capabilities to sync more fields with deeper functionality in a single direction or bidirectionally.

Budget-busting or just right?

MuleSoft Composer's plans are built for enterprise-sized budgets. Why pay for something you don't need? Unito offers a 14-day free trial so you can get comfortable with the interface, and you only have to pay for what you use. You can start small and ramp up as you go. It's a great Mulesoft Anypoint alternative.

See why 50,000+ users across the world have chosen Unito

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Deployment: how long will you wait?

You need professional services to deploy Mulesoft Composer, which can take months. With Unito's no-code platform, anyone can build a flow that covers their use case in minutes.

Estimated up to six months once purchased to:
  • Formalize process and create brief (weeks)
  • Assemble technical team (a day)
  • Implement automation (months)
  • Roll out to all teams (weeks)
  • Refine and maintain (forever)
Estimated up to an hour to try, purchase and roll out automation:
  • Connect your tools (minutes)
  • Craft your flow (an hour)
  • Launch (minutes)

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