Unito Sync Embed

Bring the power of live 2-way sync directly into your app

Boost retention and deal size with an embedded version of Unito, that frees your product team to focus on priorities while empowering end users to sync their stack within your app.

"Rather than divide the time of Wrike engineers between building integrations and other projects, the partnership with Unito enabled us to focus entirely on our core product offering. We were able to decide which integrations we wanted from Unito's portfolio, allowing us to curate our platform to the needs of Wrike users."

Alexey Zhezherov , Director of Product Management @ Wrike

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Deploy rapidly and witness an uplift in revenue

With Unito's ready-to-use catalog of connectors embedded in your app, experience an immediate boost in deal size, win rate, and customer retention.

Elevate functionality, without investing development time

Give your users the power and flexibility of sync, while empowering your product teams to focus on your core offering.

Power your app with external data

Your AI capabilities are only as relevant as the quality of the data within your tool. With Unito, you can sync and leverage data from third-party apps to power your own features (like automation) and AI capabilities, effectively removing any data limitations.

Integrate industry-leading tools in every category

Don't see your tool above? We're constantly releasing new integrations.

Optimize efficiency
with Unito

Sync up with our team to see how we can upgrade your internal workflows without months of planning or complex implementations.