Case studies

Thousands of companies use Unito to manage their workflows. Here are a few of their stories.

Logos for google sheets, Trello, and the municipality of Jarfalla, representing the case study.

Case Study: How Järfälla Live-Synced Google Sheets Reports to Their Trello Boards

“I’m really happy we purchased Unito — it’s so easy. I had an idea in my mind and it only took an hour to build.” – Oskar Lindberg, digital transformation manager

Logos for Airtable and Asana, representing the internal case study.

Case Study: Turning Airtable Records Into Asana Tasks With Unito

“Thanks to Unito, our in-depth audit in Airtable doesn’t have to stay trapped in a tool silo. We can sync all that information over to Asana and dispatch tasks automatically from there. That saves us a bunch of time.” – Morgane Davy

Logos for Miro and Asana, representing the automating retrospectives case study

Case Study: Automatically Pulling Asana Action Items From Retrospectives in Miro With Unito

“With a single Unito flow, every Miro card is automatically synced from a retrospective to an Asana project, saving our team leads save hours of valuable time.” – Charlie Whicher, Senior Product Manager at Unito

Logos for Asana and Google Sheet, representing the automatic data entry case study.

Case Study: Automating Financial Data Entry From Asana to Google Sheets Using Unito

“By connecting Asana and Google Sheets with a Unito flow, we’re saving hours of manual work and eliminating even the most tenacious data entry errors.” – Andrea Ramirez, Business Operations Specialist at Unito

Case Study: Hybrid Brainstorming With Miro, Asana With Unito

“By building a single Unito flow, we avoid hours of busy work and never have to draw straws to find the person responsible for copying insights from Miro into Asana.” – Andrea Ramirez, Business Ops Specialist at Unito

Logos for Asana and GitHub, representing the Unito case study for outsourcing web development

Case Study: How Unito’s Marketing Web Developer Collaborates Seamlessly With Contractors Across Tools

“With a single Unito flow, I can scale velocity on-demand and maintain high quality in technical work by relying on multiple freelancers without becoming a full-time project manager.”

Logos for Notion, Airtable, and Xray.

How XRay.Tech Powers Their Onboarding Workflow With Unito and Integromat

“Our workflow is possible exclusively because of Unito. I’ve looked at other similar services but it’s not possible anywhere else because of Unito’s integration for Notion and Airtable.” – Tom Nassr, XRay.Tech’s CEO

Logos for Topl, GitHub, and Jira, representing the Topl case study

Case Study: How Topl Uses Unito to Supercharge Open-source Development

“I hate when technology gets in your way. I needed a solution like Unito that could facilitate my workflow, get out of the way, and let things go. That’s really powerful and hard to do.” – James Aman, CTO

Logos for KRS, HubSpot, and ClickUp, for the KRS case study.

Case Study: How Krijgsman Retail Services Bridges the Gap Between Hubspot and Clickup With Unito

“In just two weeks of using Unito, I’ve seen more HubSpot work getting crossed off and completed. We got an immediate sense of the difference.” – Milan Soekhai, Digital Marketing Manager at Krijgsman Retail Services.

Google Sheets Sales Reporting

How We Simplified Sales Reporting With Google Sheets and Unito

With Unito’s Google Sheets integration, you can build an automated sales report, removing the burden of manual updates from your team.

Logos for ClickUp, Trello, Asana, and Airtable, with the words Custom Tool Stack in bold.

Case Study: How Students and Collaborators Can Use Unito To Build a Custom Tool Stack

“Unito features are crucial to getting data across tool barriers without jumping through hoops.” – Erica Hawkins, Full-Stack Web Development Student

Logos for Chromatic, Asana, and GitHub, representing the Chromatic case study

Case Study: How Chromatic Uses Unito To Streamline Open-Source Development

“Unito is a time-saver for engineers who work on several projects. They can see everything assigned to them in Asana without having to go hunt and peck in GitHub.” – Amanda Martinez, Engineering Manager.

Logos for Basecamp, Trello, and the Taproom, representing their case study

Case Study: How The Taproom Streamlines Development Work Between Basecamp and Trello with Unito

“With Unito, clients have full visibility into Basecamp, which is really great when a developer moves a task in Trello and it’s automatically checked off in Basecamp” – Kelly Vaughn, The Taproom’s CEO and Founder

Logos for Trello, Smartsheet, and SMG Bahamas, with the words Case Study written above

Case Study: How SMG Bahamas Supercharges Construction With Unito, Trello, and Smartsheet

“You can say what you’ve done, and thanks to Unito no one had to go through the pain of collecting the information.” – Brendan Ginns, General Options Manager at SMG Bahamas

Logos for Netalico, Asana, and Basecamp, representing the case study

Case Study: How Netalico Works With Clients in Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and More With Unito

“Unito saves us time we can use to pay attention to what really matters; solving our customers’ e-commerce challenges.” – Mark Lewis, Founder and Owner of Netalico Commerce.

Logos for Trello and Alpco Recycling, representing the Alpco Recycling case study

Case Study: How ALPCO Recycling Brought Order To Chaos With Trello and Unito

“Dispatchers see how much easier their day is with Unito and they know they’re not missing anything important. The workflow is there, so is the visibility amongst all the players.” – Donna Figel, IT, Safety and Compliance Director at ALPCO Recycling.

Hope International Case Study

Case Study: Bridging the Gap Between Project Management and IT Ticketing

“Unito gives better visibility to executives and projects managers. It enables us to have more clarity in our reporting and enables collaboration between project teams.” – Chris Adams, IT Administrator at Hope International

Case study 7 River Systems ClickUp Jira

Case Study: How 7 River Systems Uses Unito and ClickUp to Collaborate with Clients

“The most tangible result of using Unito is productivity. We bring more value to our clients because we’re not eating budgeted time copying and pasting updates.” – Paul Pasquale, Founder of 7 River Systems

Learning Bird Case Study

Case Study: How Learning Bird Used Unito to Exponentially Increase the Value of Trello

“From a management point of view, Unito is incredible. It improves how I manage each person individually, and I can manage the entire team with a fraction of the effort it used to take.” – Louis Beauregard, Director of Operations and Product at Learning Bird

Simplify Executive Reporting

Case Study: How to Simplify Executive Reporting with Trello and Unito

In a large global enterprise, there can be five or 10 different layers of reporting. This means that hundreds or even thousands of employees are responsible for identifying, packaging, and sharing key information up the chain on a weekly basis. Here’s how to save time and effort on reporting.

My TC Concierge Case Study

Case Study: Automating To-Do Lists and Task Delegation with Trello, Zapier, and Unito

“Even if Unito just saves me two minutes per board, we’re closing multiple transactions a day. It probably saves me 30 minutes a day. That adds up.” – Megan Baptista, Founder of My TC Concierge

Indigenous Pact Case Study

Case Study: How to Ease Collaboration Between High-Velocity Teams with Unito

“Unito really allows for a seamless workflow in a business to business context. It’s fundamentally changed the way our growth team interacts with our subject matter experts.” – Joni Buffalohead, Senior Vice-President of Health Care Development and Tribal Relations at Indigenous Pact

University of Oregon case study

Case Study: How One University Department Gained an Extra Workday with Unito

“Unito allows to have the right project management tool and the right development tool so our teams can do what they need to get down without having to sacrifice a lot.” – John Fuller, Scrum Leader at the University of Oregon

UNSILO case study

Case Study: Uniting Product and Development Workflows With Trello and Unito

“Unito has literally given us more happiness in the office. There aren’t any more conversations about process. It just works.” – Søren G. Andersen, Chief Technology Officer at UNSILO

A computer screen with the Trello logo inside it, representing the Lorraine Virtual case study

Case Study: How One Digital Agency Saves Hours Each Week With Unito and Trello

“Unito has simplified my workflows immensely. I’ve saved three hours’ worth of meetings a week! I honestly couldn’t run my business with out.” – Jessica Lorraine, Founder of Lorraine Virtual

Coveo Unito case study

Case Study: How Coveo Saved 1,000 Hours a Year With Unito

“We saved more than 12 hours a week with Unito and got better engagement from the C-suite.” – Gautier, Interactive Director at Coveo.