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Task Management

How a Leading CRM Provider Synced and Scaled Marketing Ops in Real-Time

This leading CRM provider keeps its employees in sync to save nearly $1M in wasted hours each year.

Task Management

Automating 100s of Hours Per Week to Save $500k Annually

Here's how a major sports league's corporate social responsibility team syncs thousands of Trello cards to a single hub board with Unito.

Project Reporting

How a Global Consulting Firm With $11B in Revenue Syncs Securely

Learn how using Unito helped a global consulting firm save almost $1M by eliminating inefficiencies and closing the gap between important tools.

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Boosting sales and retaining customers

The number of users taking advantage of Wrike Sync grew from 6,000 at the end of 2020 to nearly 26,000 licenses in January 2023. Over time, the Wrike team was able to determine that Unito's embedded integration led directly to a +35% increase in net retention.

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How B&H Photo Video’s Merchandising Team Accelerates Content Production with Unito

Here’s how B&H Photo keeps teams in ClickUp and Jira using their preferred tools to make their work faster, easier, and more efficient for everyone thanks to Unito.

How a Global Tech Leader Streamlines Agile Workflows in Real-Time

Their Unito flows saved hundreds of hours per week and cut $750k annually in wasted time that was put to more efficient use.

How a Major Database Provider Keeps Developers Aligned With Unito

A team of software developers had to work across Jira and GitHub, leading to challenges keeping everyone in sync. Here’s how Unito helped them.

How a Leading CRM Provider Synced and Scaled Marketing Ops in Real-Time

This leading CRM provider keeps its employees in sync to save nearly $1M in wasted hours each year.

How One of the Biggest Video Game Developers in the World Saves Time Syncing DevOps

Unito saved approximately 104 hours per week in manual tasks, cutting operational costs by $443k per year for a 3.4x ROI.

Automating 100s of Hours Per Week to Save $500k Annually

Here’s how a major sports league’s corporate social responsibility team syncs thousands of Trello cards to a single hub board with Unito.

How a Global Consulting Firm With $11B in Revenue Syncs Securely

Learn how using Unito helped a global consulting firm save almost $1M by eliminating inefficiencies and closing the gap between important tools.

Transforming Their Sales Pipeline With Intuitive Integrations

A leading provider of college tutoring automatically keeps hundreds of Trello cards updated with Unito, saving time and empowering them to scale.

Acara Case Study Header

How Automation Helped a Property Management Firm Manage Over 200 Trello Boards With a Small Team

This real estate property management firm was able to expand their services and scale with a fully-integrated Trello Hub Board to manage operations automatically

Boveda two way integration Wrike Jira

How Boveda Stayed Agile in Manufacturing and Cut Costs by Syncing Wrike to Jira

This IT team was able to sync Wrike tasks to Jira and back with a simple integration that needed no maintenance and worked like a charm.

Verivox Jira ClickUp Migration with Unito

How one data company migrated 50,000 Jira Issues to ClickUp

Tasked with the challenge of transferring 50,000 active user tickets from Jira to ClickUp, the Verivox team turned to Unito for a smooth, seamless data migration that allowed them to continue daily operations without interruption.

Atlassian Case Study Trello Board

How Atlassian saves time with a 2-way Trello Board Sync

With a fully integrated workflow to facilitate their project management needs, one Atlassian team saves 12+ hours and $1,000 USD per week.

How oversees 50 Asana projects with a master multi-home

Here’s how founder Bryan Bennett synced over 50 Asana projects across 35 accounts with Unito’s automated no code 2-way flow.

Logos for Digistore, clickup, Slack, and Jira, representing the case study.

How Digistore24 saved 30 hours per week just by syncing Jira and ClickUp to Slack

Find out how Digistore24 syncs ClickUp, Jira, and Slack with Unito to simplify dev work, save time, and reduce manual tasks.

Corpay Airtable Asana

How Corpay creates real-time visibility between Airtable and Asana

Discover how Corpay’s project manager kept her teams aligned by syncing Asana marketing tasks to Airtable calendars with Unito.

Logos for jira and notion, representing the Passport Shipping case study.

How Passport Shipping reports on Jira issues from Notion automatically

Here’s how a product manager at Passport Shipping reports on development work between Jira and Notion quickly and efficiently thanks to Unito.

Logos for Airtable and Google Sheets, representing the automated dashboards case study.

How Unito’s Data Team Synced up Airtable, Google Sheets, and More Data Tools

Here’s how Sylvain Boichon, Unito’s Data Team Lead, uses Unito to sync data from Airtable to Google Sheets — and other data tools.

Logos for Asana and Google Sheet, representing the recruitment reporting case study

Reporting on Recruitment With Asana and Google Sheets

Here’s how an employee success specialist at Unito streamlines reporting workflows between Asana and Google Sheets.

Logos for Google Sheets and Trello, representing the creative workflow case study.

Building Seamless Creative Workflows with Trello, Google Sheets, and Unito

Here’s how a Senior Growth Specialist streamlines creative workflows between Trello and Google Sheets to save time and work smarter.

Logos for GitHub and Asana, representing a a development and PM case study.

Uniting developers and product managers across Asana, Github, and Slack with 2-way automation

Here’s how a Platform Lead at Unito improved collaboration between teams in Asana, GitHub, and Slack.

Logos for Asana and HubSpot, representing the sales workflow case study.

Bringing revenue operations and sales together by syncing HubSpot and Asana

Here’s how a Revenue Operations Lead Syncs Asana tasks with HubSpot deals as part of a sophisticated rev ops workflow.

Logos for google sheets, Trello, and the municipality of Jarfalla, representing the case study.

How a local municipality’s digital transformation team integrated Trello and Google Sheets to Streamline Reporting

Here’s how a municipal project manager reports on work across multiple Trello boards with Unito and Google Sheets.

Logos for Airtable and Asana, representing the internal case study.

Streamlining collaboration between developers, designers and product managers by integrating Airtable and Asana

Here’s how a Senior UX Designer streamlines collaboration between developers and designers in Airtable and Asana

Logos for Miro and Asana, representing the automating retrospectives case study

Running retrospectives in Miro with automated updates sent to Asana

Here’s how one Senior Product Manager syncs action items in Asana after retrospectives in Miro to keep her team operating efficiently.

Logos for Asana and Google Sheet, representing the automatic data entry case study.

Automating Financial Data Entry From Asana to Google Sheets

Here’s how a Senior Business Operations Specialist automates data entry from Asana to Google Sheets with 2-way Updates

Hybrid brainstorming and retrospectives with an integration for Miro and Asana

Here’s how a Senior Business Operations Specialist at Unito streamlines brainstorming workflows from Miro to Asana with 2-way updates.

Logos for Asana and GitHub, representing the Unito case study for outsourcing web development

Collaborating Seamlessly with Contractors in GitHub and Asana

Here’s how a Senior Web Developer & Tech Lead syncs freelancer tasks automatically between GitHub and Asana with 2-way updates

Logos for Notion, Airtable, and Xray.

How XRay.Tech powers onboarding between Notion and Airtable

XRay.Tech syncs tasks from Notion to Airtable, which they’ve turned into an operations powerhouse thanks to Unito. Find out how.

Logos for Topl, GitHub, and Jira, representing the Topl case study

How Topl Supercharged Open-source Development between GitHub and Jira

Topl uses GitHub for open-source development, but some work needs to remain in Jira. Here’s how they got teams out of siloes with 2-way sync.

Logos for KRS, HubSpot, and ClickUp, for the KRS case study.

How a Major Food and Retail Franchise Connected Hubspot and Clickup To Boost Their Output

Krijgsman Retail Services syncs work data between ClickUp and HubSpot to manage their contacts. Here’s how Unito makes it happen.

Logos for ClickUp, Trello, Asana, and Airtable, with the words Custom Tool Stack in bold.

How Udacity students built a custom tool stack with Trello, Asana, Airtable and ClickUp

How did Udacity build a custom workflow to sync together ClickUp, Trello, Asana and Airtable? Spoiler alert: the key was Unito.

Logos for Chromatic, Asana, and GitHub, representing the Chromatic case study

How Chromatic Streamlined Open-Source Development with Asana and GitHub

Chromatic handles open-source development in GitHub, but uses Asana to track their projects. Here’s how they synced data from both via Unito.

Logos for Basecamp, Trello, and the Taproom, representing their case study

How The Taproom connected Basecamp and Trello to refine development work

The Taproom is an agency that builds custom Shopify solutions. Find out how they use streamlined work between Basecamp and Trello with Unito.

Logos for Trello, Smartsheet, and SMG Bahamas, with the words Case Study written above

How SMG Bahamas supercharges Construction Projects with Trello and Smartsheet

Learn how SMG Bahamas integrated Trello with Smartsheet to supercharge their construction projects. The key was Unito.

Logos for Netalico, Asana, and Basecamp, representing the case study

How Netalico supports Clients in Asana, Basecamp, and Trello automatically

Find out how Netalico synced data between Asana, Basecamp and Trello to adapt their work to meet any client’s needs.

Logos for Trello and Alpco Recycling, representing the Alpco Recycling case study

How ALPCO Recycling Brought Order To Chaos With a Trello Board Sync

Struggling to handle multiple Trello boards in your organization? Find out how ALPCO Recycling got more out of Trello with Unito’s Board Sync.

Hope International Case Study

How Hope International Connected Jira and Wrike to Streamline IT Support

Hope International needed a way to integrate Wrike and Jira to sync their project management and IT ticketing. The answer? Unito.

Case study 7 River Systems ClickUp Jira

How 7 River Systems Collaborates with Clients through ClickUp, Trello, Jira, and GitLab

Learn how a cybersecurity firm easily collaborates and shares updates with customers by syncing data between their preferred tools.

Learning Bird Case Study

How Learning Bird Boosted the Value of Their Trello Cards

Learning Bird uses Trello to stay organized and productive, but couldn’t scale — until they discovered how to mirror boards with Unito.

Simplify Executive Reporting

How to Simplify Executive Reporting with Trello

In a large global enterprise, there can be five or 10 different layers of reporting. This means that hundreds or even thousands of employees are responsible for identifying, packaging, and sharing key information up the chain on a weekly basis. Here’s how to save time and effort on reporting.

My TC Concierge Case Study

How one California real estate firm automated tasks and delegation in Trello

See how My TC Concierge uses Unito’s advanced two-way sync to save time while keeping teams aligned on day-to-day priorities.

Indigenous Pact Case Study

How Indigenous Pact synced Asana with HubSpot to ease collaboration between high-velocity teams

Find out how Unito empowered Indigenous Pact’s high velocity teams to easily collaborate between HubSpot and Asana.

University of Oregon case study

How The University of Oregon Synced Jira with Asana to Save a Full Day’s Work

Learn how the University of Oregon saved hours each week on development project management by syncing Asana and Jira with Unito.

UNSILO case study

How UNSILO Automated Trello to Unite Product and Development Workflows

Work management tools became a friction point for this growing technology company until they built their perfect Trello workflow with Unito.

A computer screen with the Trello logo inside it, representing the Lorraine Virtual case study

How Lorraine Virtual Synced Trello Cards to Save Hours Each Week

Lorraine Virtual needed a way to gather all their Trello cards across each client board into a single place. For that, they turned to Unito.

Coveo Unito case study

Coveo saved 1,000 hours per year just by syncing Jira to Asana with Unito

Coveo realized that their Asana and Jira setup couldn’t conduct follow-ups and feature requests how they wanted. So they turned to Unito.