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How Corpay Creates Real-time Visibility Between Airtable and Asana

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Gail Schaar

Marketing Project Manager at Corpay

"It’s great being able to link up Asana and Airtable, and not have to manually update things in a spreadsheet or spit out numbers somewhere else, then make a fancy PowerPoint that’s quickly outdated. From the moment you make this calendar, it’s up-to-date all the time."


As a project manager at Corpay, Gail Schaar was tasked with establishing an efficient process for managing an influx of new teams. This responsibility came following a series of rapid acquisitions by parent company, Fleetcor. Gail’s day-to-day work involved overseeing projects, ensuring teams properly entered requests into Asana, assigning tasks to the right people, and then feeding that data through to Airtable. 

After exploring options within each tool and the manual work required to keep them up-to-date, Gail recognized the need for an automated solution.

“I didn’t want to have different sources of truth; I didn’t want to make changes in a bunch of places whenever one calendar was updated. We needed a friendlier view of what was going on.”

Gail Schaar, Project Manager, Corpay


Gail began her search with another popular workflow automation solution, but quickly found it wasn’t up to the task. Once she discovered Unito, it was easy to syncing Airtable and Asana. Her early flows were designed to prevent duplicate entries, match Asana tasks with Airtable’s calendar for a simplified overview, and implement custom fields to only share relevant task details with viewers. 

“I was disappointed when other integration solutions wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do. That’s actually why I picked Unito. It was really important to make our workflow useful, not only for the marketing team, but other teams, too.”  


  • Managers and stakeholders can now easily view reports on projects and events coming through the pipeline via Airtable; 
  • Sales teams can independently see which programs are coming out in tandem with their marketing department; 
  • Gail and her colleagues at Corpay can dig deeper into their Asana task lists without needing to duplicate their work or double-check for missing information.

“With Unito, I set up my workflow to sync Asana and Airtable to limit visible records because I didn’t want to expose more information than necessary. I just wanted to give other teams a high-level picture of what we were doing.”

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