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Popular Airtable integrations

Connect Airtable and Airtable

Need to streamline information across your workspace? Use Unito to keep everything up to date no matter which base you're working from.

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Connect Airtable and Asana

Get your bases and Asana projects in sync so you can better manage your work, knowing the information you need is always at your fingertips.

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Connect Airtable and HubSpot

Give sales and customer success teams in HubSpot access to rigorous Airtable databases without needing to leave their tool.

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Connect Airtable and Trello

Combine the simplicity of the Kanban board with Airtable's customizable databases so you can get both velocity and access to the data you need.

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Unito supports the following Airtable fields

Airtable field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Attachment Supported
Barcode Supported Supported
Checkbox Supported Supported
Count Supported
Created time Supported
Currency Supported Supported
Date Supported
Dropdown Supported Supported
Duration Supported
Email Supported Supported
Formula Supported
Link to the record Supported
Number Supported
Percent Supported Supported
Person Supported Supported
Phone number Supported Supported
Rating Supported
Text Supported
Url Supported Supported

"It's a great product and the perfect solution for our needs. It was exactly what we needed to pull information together into one place!"

Diana S , Learning and Enablement Coordinator @ WizeHire

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