Oversee every marketing campaign from any tool

Automate your marketing campaign distribution, planning process, reporting, lead hand off to sales and so much more with the help of our powerful 2-way integrations between the tools you’re already using.

"We use the same solution to create team dashboards—giving leaders visibility into the workflow of their direct reports. It's like someone flipped on the light switch. Now communication, tasks and status flow seamlessly across boards, teams and org structures."

Doug Casellini , Sr. Digital Marketing Manager @ Premier Research

What can marketing teams sync with Unito?

From planning out major campaigns to website updates, coordinating with sales and reporting on milestones, marketing workflows are often complex and cross-functional, requiring the involvement of multiple teams and tools.

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Report straight from the source

Keep stakeholders and executives in the loop by syncing key information to spreadsheets from your tool of choice to create dashboards with the most recent data and deliver better, faster reporting.

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Align on key calendar milestones

Inform the marketing team, sales, or other relevant teams about upcoming launches, events, webinars, and other timelines that matter by syncing tasks and milestones with event data in Google Calendar.

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Manage lists and handle leads

Manage mailing lists for your marketing automation platform directly from your CRM, and keep sales lead information up-to-date in every app with a workflow that syncs contact email data in real-time.

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Collaborate cross-functionally

Build two-way connections between marketing tools and those of technical teams, to speed up collaborative initiatives such as product launch campaigns or website fixes.

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How Lorraine Virtual Synced Trello Cards to Save Hours Each Week

"Unito has simplified my workflows immensely. I've saved three hours' worth of meetings a week! I honestly couldn't run my business with out." - Jessica Lorraine, Founder of Lorraine Virtual

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