Unito for Marketing

With Unito, marketers can build powerful two-way connections between work tools to organize and coordinate amazing campaigns, automate reporting, and ease collaboration with agencies and partners.

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Unito for Marketing

"In the past year and a half, I'd estimate I've saved roughly 250-300 hours of legwork as a result of one sync."

John W , Marketing Operations Manager @ Adwerx

How Unito helps marketing teams excel

From major ad campaigns to website updates, marketing workflows are often complex and cross-functional, requiring the involvement of multiple teams and tools.

Automated reporting

Automate progress reports on key marketing initiatives so stakeholders and executive can track progress or provide approvals

Cross-functional collaboration

Build two-way connections between marketing tools and those of technical teams, to speed up collaborative initiatives like product launch campaigns or website fixes

Increased productivity

Spend less time and effort copying and pasting data across projects and channels, or relying on endless meetings share information

Faster communication

Communicate with sales and support teams in real-time within tasks and projects to quickly respond to social media comments, provide marketing collateral, and more

Marketing managers in the US make $106,000 per year on average. If you can save them just one minute per day, that’s $289 per year. Unito saved marketing agency founder Jessica Lorraine two to three hours per week. You do the math.

How valuable is Unito?

Tool overflow can leave organizations disjointed and siloed. This can have a negative impact on alignment and collaboration, leading to wasted time and money. Use this to estimate the value Unito can bring back to your business.

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True cost of wasted time

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Estimates calculated based on user data for tool activity and manual tasks, and US-based hourly salaries.