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"We’ve saved so much time not having to execute the same steps as before. Not to mention the soft hours saved - all of the confusion or waste trying to find the right files. Unito has saved me hours each day."

AC Furey , Executive Director of Education @ Thirty-Six Education

Tutoring students on ACT and SAT prep can be a challenging task. It requires patience, adaptability, a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly, strong interpersonal skills to support students who are often under considerable pressure.

Nor is it simple to manage a team of tutors with hundreds of students looking to them for support. That’s the position Anh-Chi (AC) Furey found herself in as Executive Director of Education at Thirty-Six Education.

“We first started using Trello to track our sales pipeline. I would manually make a card for each person then match them with a tutor. Then the tutor would do all the work with the student.”

– AC Furey, Executive Director of Education

The challenge: Keeping track of too many Trello cards

As the organization grew and the number of tutors and students increased, AC quickly recognized the need for a scalable solution. She began with Unito’s Mirror Power-Up for Trello to keep each card in a tutor’s board synced to her own master board.

“As our operations got bigger, there were a bunch of pieces not talking to each other and then I’d lose track. I signed up for Unito and tried out 2-way Card Mirror. For a while I thought: this is pretty cool! I can do this for 150 students. But then I realized: can I do it for 300?” AC said.

The solution: Connecting Trello to Unito with Board Sync

AC worked with Unito’s product specialists to set up several flows with Board Sync to automate the same process without needing to manually review each individual card.

Tutors were easily trackable now through cards that were synced automatically by Unito.

Here’s how AC build her flow:

  • Onboarding cards to a Hub Board: New students are added to an Onboarding Trello board. Unito now sends them all to a Hub Board.
  • Hub Board to individual boards: The Hub Board then evenly dispatches cards to each tutor’s individual boards.

This automated process ensures that as tutors finish with students, they have a steady influx of new assignments.

Here’s what the team’s Hub Board workflow looks like in Unito:

A Trello Hub Board synced by Unito

The results: Better oversight and happier teams

Setting up an automated workflow for her Trello boards now gives AC total oversight of the sales pipeline. Now, everything now goes through the hub board she created with Unito.

AC can now spend more time building the business while her admin can focus on high priority technical tasks. Meanwhile, the team of tutors always have a steady influx of new students to support.

According to Unito’s internal calculations, AC’s team is saving over $1200 per week in manual effort, resources and time that would be required to match their integrated output with Unito.

By automatically creating, dispatching and updating Trello cards in everyone’s boards, AC estimates they’ve saved several hours per day.

“We’ve saved so much time not having to execute the same steps as before. Not to mention the soft hours saved – all of the confusion or waste trying to find the right files. Unito has saved me hours each day.”

– AC Furey, Executive Director of Education

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About Thirty-Six Education

Thirty-Six Education specializes in providing individualized, skill-based tutoring for the ACT and other college preparatory tests. The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of showing as many students as possible that the ACT can be beaten with an approach that focuses on adapting lessons to the student's learning ability.