Mirror by Unito

Mirror is a Trello Power-Up created by Unito that allows for 2-Way Card Mirroring. Mirrored cards can exist on several boards at the same time. When you Mirror a card, any updates made to any version of the card will be automatically applied across all corresponding versions on other boards. This enables a two-way flow of information leading to powerful cross-board collaboration.

Share updates and communicate within cards without leaving the board you work in everyday!

Mirror a card in seconds

Click the Mirror button on a card and send it to another board instantaneously.

Mirror a card to multiple boards

Mirror a card to as many other boards as you want in just a few clicks.

Mirror what you need

Define your settings once and we'll only Mirror what matters to you.

How it works:



To streamline individual projects

$19 /mo
$10 /mo
  • icon: checkmark Sync, automate and mirror icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Unlimited tools icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Unlimited changes icon: info
  • icon: checkmark File attachment linking icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Basic data fields icon: info
  • icon: checkmark 15-minute updates icon: info


To coordinate between teams and tools

$30 /mo
$24 /mo
  • Everything in Personal, plus:
  • icon: checkmark All default data fields icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Sub-items/checklists icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Chat and email support icon: info
  • icon: checkmark 5-minute updates icon: info


For high-volume automation between departments

$247 /mo
$198 /mo
  • Everything in Team, plus:
  • icon: checkmark Unlimited flows icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Unlimited custom fields icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Dedicated CSM icon: info
  • icon: checkmark Live updates icon: info

How is this different from Trello’s Mirror cards?

Mirror cards, when they become available, will allow you to clone cards to multiple different Trello boards. Then, when the original source card is changed, updates will be reflected on all of the clones. Instead of creating clones, Unito’s Mirror Power-Up allows a single card to live on multiple boards. With Unito, changes can be made to that card on any of the boards where it lives. Those changes will then be automatically reflected on all instances of the card.

Basically, Trello Mirror cards offer a one-way information flow — good for visibility, but not great for collaboration. Unito, on the other hand, provides two-way card syncing. This enables individuals and teams to collaborate within a single card from their own boards. They can share comments, provide feedback, offer approvals, and adjust key card details as work progresses.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Mirror and how do you count them?

A Mirror is counted whenever a card is duplicated to a board. So if one card is on two boards, that counts as one Mirror. If the same card is duplicated to an additional board (for a total of three boards) that counts as two Mirrors. If you get close to your plan limit, consider upgrading your plan or removing any Mirrors you are no longer using.

What is the difference between Mirror and Unito's workflow management functionality?

Mirror allows you to duplicate cards across multiple Trello boards. Syncs let you build workflows across multiple project management tools. You can sync a Trello board to a Jira project, a GitHub repository to an Asana project, and more!

Is this a paid Power-Up?

Yes. We offer a 14-day trial so you can experiment with Mirror and see how it fits your workflow. After that, Mirror is a paid Power-Up.

Where can I get more help?

Check out our help center for guidance on setting up and using Mirror. If you don't find an answer there, send us a message. We'll be happy to help.