Integrate reporting data from any app

Eliminate manual data extraction, aggregation, and time-consuming report updates. Unito’s two-way reporting tool integrations automatically extract data from work apps and sync it to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Airtable.

"Achieving transparency was a nightmare across multi-functional teams and projects using different tools. We wanted to empower everyone to self-organize in their software of choice and Unito solved that for us easily."

Dylan Kennard , CEO @ Pixel Trail + Land Scout

Dive into your data

Unito allows you to build customized workflows to automatically export data from your other apps into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Airtable. Our bidirectional sync ensures changes in one app are reflected in the other and vice versa so you don’t have to jump between tabs and tools or copy-paste information. Now, you can build reports with the most recent data ready to go.

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Build strategic project reports

Populate spreadsheet rows with data from any other app in your stack through a streamlined workflow that keeps everything in sync while you focus on reporting without needing to copy and paste, or switch tabs.

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Report on current pipeline and deal status

Compile impressive, data-driven reports on deals, and opportunities with a single workflow to integrate your CRM with Google Sheets, Airtable, or Microsoft Excel and provide stakeholders with real-time updates on the lates pipeline and sales developments.

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Craft a master database

Sync and consolidate information from different sources into Airtable or Notion to track and manipulate data from multiple SaaS tools, and then extract it as needed.

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Generate a single contact repository

Migrate contact information from every spreadsheet, CRM, and marketing automation tool into a central contact repository without duplicating entries.

Build a contact database with Notion

Automating Financial Data Entry From Asana to Google Sheets

“By connecting Asana and Google Sheets with a Unito flow, we’re saving hours of manual work and eliminating even the most tenacious data entry errors.” - Andrea Ramirez, Business Operations Specialist at Unito

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