Use case: Project Reporting

How a local municipality’s digital transformation team integrated Trello and Google Sheets to Streamline Reporting


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Stockholm, Sweden



"I’m really happy we purchased Unito — it’s so easy. I had an idea in my mind and it only took an hour to build."

Oskar Lindberg , Digital Transformation Manager @ Järfälla Kommun

The municipality of Järfälla’s internal systems had been operating with a complex organizational structure and outdated software for years.

Digital Transformation Manager Oskar Lindberg spent hours each week on time-consuming manual processes to help his team report on progress and meet deadlines.

Initial challenge: Overcoming complexity and legacy systems

Oskar pursued a variety of integration solutions to optimize their system, but every option was either too complex or imprecise. After discovering Trello and convincing his team to start using it to manage their workload, he needed a way to then simplify their reporting processes.

That’s when he came across Unito and discovered how it could support his team’s needs with a comprehensive automated solution. 

Our initial thought was to create a Trello to Trello sync. But after talking to someone at Unito, we realized how easy it would be to include Google Sheets. It’s great for measuring basic statistics and a lot of our processes don’t offer an easy way to visualize data.

Oskar Lindberg, Digital Transformation Manager

Solution: Connecting Trello boards to spreadsheets quickly and efficiently

First, Oskar built a Unito integration (known as a flow) to connect multiple Trello boards together. Then, one of Unito’s customer success managers showed him how to integrate Trello with Google Sheets.

His team quickly modified their workflow to begin streamline and scale casework, prioritize critical tasks, and expedite their processes.

A snapshot of Jarfalla’s Trello board

“Time is the most relevant factor for us and Unito is saving us loads of it. I would guess it’s saving one team member from having to send at least 100 emails per month.”

Oskar Lindberg, Digital Transformation Manager

Results: 9 hours and $750 USD saved per week in operational costs

By syncing Google Sheets with Trello, Oskar’s team now has a system in place to track deadlines, their weekly backlog, and clarify which departments are responsible for each task.

Jarfalla’s Google Sheets dashboard synced with Trello data
  • Directors now have greater oversight across departments with simplified, automated reporting and dashboards.
  • Departments can now communicate quickly and easily with data synced from Google Sheets in real-time to Trello cards and their Teams group.
  • Teams are more productive and able to meet deadlines without having to search for documents or use outdated software. No one’s stuck waiting for emails or manual input from colleagues in other offices.
  • Unito’s internal estimates of Järfälla’s usage (a combination of items in sync and users working with Unito workflows) calculates approximately 12+ hours and $1,200 USD saved per week in time that would otherwise be spent on manually populating spreadsheets with Trello card data and maintaining upkeep between tools.

“This type of information and these statistics are so useful for our director because we’ve never had this kind of overview before and we absolutely need it.”

Oskar Lindberg, Digital Transformation Manager

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“Combining Trello with Google Sheets makes for a much more powerful statistical tool than using Trello on its own. It should be of huge interest to a lot of Trello users and it’s easy to jump in with Unito’s templates.”

Oskar Lindberg, digital transformation manager

About Järfälla Municipality

Järfälla is a growing municipality outside Stockholm, Sweden. The region’s 4,300 municipal employees constantly strive to provide the best possible service to those who live and work in the area. Oskar Lindberg’s team works with local elected officials and citizens to advise on civic planning, construction, regulation and other needs.