Unito for Sales Operations

Automate the sales process, get real-time support from other teams inside the business, and close deals faster with Unito’s two-way integrations. With support for Salesforce, HubSpot, and every major project management tool, Unito reduces friction in sales workflows enabling frontline sales teams to sell more efficiently and effectively.

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Sales Operations

"In the past year and a half, I'd estimate I've saved roughly 250-300 hours of legwork as a result of one sync."

John W , Marketing Operations Manager @ Adwerx

How Unito helps SalesOps teams excel

Sales operations workflows are often complex and cross-functional, requiring the involvement of multiple teams and tools. Whether you’re looking to automatically assign opportunities, quickly escalate deals to legal or finance, or just reduce the number of seats in your CRM, Unito can help.

Faster workflows

Automate the creation of tasks to take a lead to a closed deal, so your sales teams can focus on execution instead of prep

Cross-functional communication

Create real-time channels of communication between customer-facing teams and support teams inside your business, like legal, finance, and support

Automated reporting

Automate reporting on leads, deals, and opportunities so revenue leadership can track progress across tools

Seamless processes

Identify the bottlenecks and blockers that are slowing down sales cycles, so you can reallocate resources or automate a workaround

The median salary for a sales operations manager in the US is $93,859. If you can save them just five minutes a day, that’s almost $1000 per year. Unito can save managers hours each week. That’s a lot of time and money!

How valuable is Unito?

Tool overflow can leave organizations disjointed and siloed. This can have a negative impact on alignment and collaboration, leading to wasted time and money. Use this to estimate the value Unito can bring back to your business.

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