Zendesk two-way integration

Establish deep two-way workflows between the apps and tools you use. Unito syncs tickets back and forth between Zendesk and your other work software based on simple rules and filters set by you.

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Configure your workflow with the perfect pair

Sync Azure DevOps + Zendesk with Unito

With a little help from Jeremie Ponak - Product Marketer at Unito - learn how to set up a Unito two-way flow to sync Azure DevOps issues with Zendesk tickets.

Stay in sync with 2-way integrations

Unito syncs tickets back and forth between Zendesk and your other tools out-of-the-box.

Share the right information in the right place

Personalize your integration by choosing which details to sync. Pair up individual fields any way you want to enjoy the freedom of flexibility.

Sync historical data as far back as your tools allow

Unito doesn't just sync new data, it also gives you the option to sync all historical data that matches your rules.

Stay in the loop with live updates

When information changes in one place, Unito automatically updates your synced data in another in real-time.

Choose what syncs and what doesn't

Control how your information syncs and where it goes with fully configurable rules that let you separate the data you need from the data you don't.

"With Unito, sales and marketing has access to all the support tickets and can see what is going on with their customers, without having to login to Zendesk. It's been working great."

Zack Olinger , BioCharger Educator / Support @ Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC

Real-time updates in all tools

"The most tangible result of using Unito is greater productivity. We bring more value to our clients because we're not eating budgeted time copying and pasting updates."

— Paul Pasquale, Founder@ 7 River Systems

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Unito syncs the following Zendesk fields:

Ticket fields One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Assignee icon: info
Attachment icon: info
Submitter icon: info
Checkbox (custom field)* icon: info
Cc (copied user) icon: info
Comment icon: info
Group icon: info
Created at icon: info
Date (custom field)* icon: info
Decimal (custom field)* icon: info
Description icon: info
Due date icon: info
Ticket number icon: info
Numeric (custom field)* icon: info
Tag icon: info
Multiselect (custom field)* icon: info
Credit card number (custom field)* icon: info
Priority icon: info
Regex (custom field)* icon: info
Requester icon: info
Status icon: info
Dropdown (custom field)* icon: info
Ticket type icon: info
Text (custom field)* icon: info
Multi-line (custom field)* icon: info
Subject icon: info
Updated at icon: info
Link to ticket icon: info

* Custom fields are only available with certain Unito plans. Visit our pricing page for more information.

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