Use case: Task Management

How one data company migrated 50,000 Jira Issues to ClickUp


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Use case

Task Management

Martin Hoffmeister, Team Lead, QA Engineer, Verivox

"We initially thought we could just export everything from JIRA into ClickUp. But the manual work involved would have taken five times longer than doing it with Unito."

Martin Hoffmeister , Team Lead, QA Engineer @ Verivox

When Martin Hoffmeister and his two colleagues were put in charge of exporting 50,000 user tickets from Jira into ClickUp, they knew he was going to have his hands full for a while. Verivox’s lead QA engineer needed a solution that didn’t involve shutting down daily operations to focus on a slow data migration.

Challenge: Addressing active tickets manually or with automation?

These tickets were active and needed attention every hour of every day. So, they started the process by looking around for automation solutions to save them time and effort, while enabling team members to continue addressing Jira issues.

“I was put in charge of onboarding ClickUp and we had 50,000 tickets in JIRA across 40 projects that needed to be transferred over to ClickUp. We had to figure out: how do we transfer all these tickets? Once we realized what it would take to do that, there was way too much manual work involved. In one of the early calls, ClickUp said, ‘there’s this tool called Unito.’ So we thought: ‘all right, well, let’s have a look.’”

– Martin Hoffmeister, Team Lead | QA Engineer, Verivox

Solution: Exporting 50,000 issues from Jira to Clickup

After comparing Unito to other automated workflow solutions, including Zapier, the team realized that only Unito could migrate their Jira issues into ClickUp in a way that made sense to them.

One thing that Martin appreciated was being able to map fields between each tool easily. If he couldn’t find an exact match, he’d simply map fields from Jira issues to the footer of ClickUp tasks. The team could then re-organize them post-migration. 

“The problem I had with Zapier was that the matching of fields was just on a high level. There was always either a problem connecting it to Jira or connecting it to ClickUp and there were too many hurdles. One of the great features about Unito is that if you can’t find a match for a field, you can still sync it to the footer. That was always a super helpful option because when we got information into ClickUp, we could just adjust it ourselves afterwards.”

Results: A smooth, seamless data migration with Unito

The data export from Jira to ClickUp went as smoothly as Martin could have expected. The team modified ClickUp to suit the needs of engineers, while the commercial team had what they wanted right away.

They began planning, scheduling and coordinating work on Jira issues directly in ClickUp. Meanwhile, issues were moved over to the dev team with full visibility through their shared interface.

“Without Unito, we couldn’t have done the soft migration. We couldn’t have transferred the information we wanted, and it would have taken probably five times more time. I would definitely suggest it because it’s in the background and it works. You don’t need to worry about the sync. That’s my point. You don’t need to worry because it’s there and it just works.” 

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