Use case: Team Coordination

How Krijgsman Retail Services Connected HubSpot and ClickUp to Boost Output

Krijgsman Retail Services


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Use case

Team Coordination

Milan Soekhai

Digital Marketing Manager at Krijgsman Retail Services

"In just two weeks of using Unito, I’ve seen more HubSpot work getting crossed off and completed. We got an immediate sense of the difference."


Krijgsman Retail Services (KRS) relies on ClickUp for project management and team collaboration as they oversee 60 franchises in the food industry across the Netherlands. When they need to work with external partners, freelancers, and manage franchisee relationships, they use HubSpot. The team found that some tasks in either tool would often get missed or slip past due dates because they were underrepresented in the other. In other words, they were out of sync. Digital Marketing Manager Milan Soekhai began looking at native integrations, and third party apps such as Zapier and Integromat. Nothing quite fit his needs. What he and his team needed was a way to transfer work from HubSpot into ClickUp, and vice-versa.

“Everyone has their daily routine involving a lot of tasks, but only 5 to 10 percent are in HubSpot. We could have tried recreating tasks in ClickUp, but it was too much of a hassle. Tasks would linger for weeks or months. They might have been completed in ClickUp but not in HubSpot.

Milan Soekhai, Digital Marketing Manager, Krijgsman Retail Services


After discovering Unito, Milan built a flow between HubSpot and ClickUp to sync tasks together. This meant that important fields in HubSpot (e.g., owner, status, etc.) were mapped to similar fields in matching ClickUp tasks. That was only possible because Unito does more than just automate work; it keeps information updated seamlessly across tools.

“Our HubSpot tasks don’t exist in their own bubble anymore. Now in ClickUp, we can easily see how many HubSpot tasks are left, open, or overdue, and they constantly pop up underneath your daily tasks. We have a clear overview of what’s left to do. We don’t miss any opportunities that would be forgotten otherwise.”


Every workflow benefits from better access to information. Now, everything’s kept in one place. HubSpot can be used for what it’s best at: managing relationships with external contacts. All the follow-up work gets synced to ClickUp, and it can be part of the regular planning process. Regardless of their their needs, the team at KRS can keep ClickUp as their work hub, while continuing to collaborate alongside franchisees in HubSpot. Best of all? Nothing gets missed anymore.

“The most important difference I can show right now is the number of tasks closed. The work done in HubSpot is several times higher than before. The best part? It didn’t take much time at all, and I’m not the only one who benefits from it. I think anyone in my company could make the flows I made.”

“In just two weeks of using Unito, I’ve seen more Hubspot work getting crossed off and completed. We got an immediate sense of the difference.”

— Milan Soekhai, Digital Marketing Manager at Krijgsman Retail Services

About Krijgsman Retail Services

Krijgsman Retail Services manages Kippie and Vissie, two food brands in the Netherlands. They handle franchisees, manage supply chains, and support operations across both brands.