Workflows for Project Management

Save time, streamline work, and increase productivity with automated 2-way updates. Unito makes cross-functional collaboration with project management tools a breeze.

"Given that I and my clients don't always use the same tools for project and task management, Unito has allowed me not to need to constantly switch back and forth between various tools."

Karina Mikhli , CEO and Founder @ YourMBR

Workflows that help you to stay aligned on every project

Keep crucial data in sync with a 2-way integration between your project management tools. Changes in one interface are immediately updated in every other so cross-functional teams can collaborate on the same projects from their preferred interface.

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Break down project silos

Build a master plan in your favorite app, then watch Unito keep it up-to-date. As teams complete tasks, changes are automatically reflected in every other connected app.

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Deliver powerful, data-driven reporting

Share row data from Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to your other apps and vice versa to generate flexible reports, manage projects, and save hours of manual input with just one workflow.

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Coordinate calendar milestones

Keep an eye on every timeline by syncing your project management app of choice straight to Google Calendar and share visibility on upcoming milestones, events and due dates across your company.

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Manage multiple client projects

Are you an agency, consultant, or freelancer managing multiple client projects? Unito can help you build a master project from which you can oversee work for multiple clients in a single view and report on your progress seamlessly.

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How Hope International Connected Jira and Wrike to Streamline IT Support

"Unito grants more visibility to executives and projects managers. Syncing Jira and Wrike provided more clarity in our reporting and enables collaboration between teams." - Chris Adams, IT Administrator at Hope International

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