Enable team collaboration and align initiatives with every tool in sync

Collaborate across projects and departments from product to software development, marketing and sales, or anywhere in between with Unito. A simple 2-way integration between the apps you already use keeps work data automatically in sync so teams can coordinate efficiently from their interface of choice without missing a thing.

"Time is the most relevant factor for us and Unito is saving us loads of it. I would guess it’s saving one team member from having to send at least 100 emails per month."

Oskar Lindberg , Digital Transformation Manager @ Järfälla Kommun

Collaborate between teams by syncing tasks, spreadsheets, or calendar data

The only limit to collaboration is your drive to build a simple, no-code workflow between apps.

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Simplify project management

Create a single project in one app to oversee tasks in every other. It’s the perfect solution for businesses with teams spread out over Asana, Jira, Wrike, or Trello projects. Simply sync each task to a master project and watch how quickly every other app is updated in real-time.

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Plan any product roadmap to perfection

Share a dynamic roadmap or development plan between your project management app and software dev tools, or bring brainstormed ideas from a Miro board into your task management tool and keep them in sync.

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Delve into data to deliver powerful reporting

Send row data from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable to your other apps or vice versa to generate strategic reports efficiently. Update stakeholders on project health, resource management, and initiative status based on the latest data in real-time.

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Align on every timeline

Share key project release dates from your work apps to a team or business Google Calendar
 so team leads can manage and align major milestones and due dates.

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How Järfälla Synced Trello with Google Sheets to Streamline Reporting

"I’m really happy we purchased Unito — it’s so easy. I had an idea in my mind and it only took an hour to build." - Oskar Lindberg, Digital Transformation Manager at the municipality of Järfälla

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