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How a Major Database Provider Keeps Developers Aligned With Unito

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A leading NoSQL database provider’s head of engineering was leading a globally distributed development team. Some developers worked in Jira, others in GitHub. With multiple teams operating  in different time zones and different tools, it was crucial to ensure that everyone was aligned and working efficiently. Keeping everything in sync was a constant challenge for the department leader, who recognized the need for an automated solution.

The customer’s pain points

  • Developers had to jump between Jira and GitHub to check issue status and share updates on the progress.
  • Time-consuming, inefficient, and costly development work due to the gap between tools.
  • Challenges maintaining accurate updates in both tools, leading to outdated information and confusion among teams.


The customer’s head of engineering turned to Unito’s enterprise sync platform to bridge the gap between Jira and GitHub, enabling developers to work more efficiently regardless of their time zone or tool. Changes in a GitHub issue would appear instantly in Jira and vice versa. The customer used Unito to match up unique statuses in Jira with unique statuses in GitHub so that everyone could stay aligned easily. Following the initial implementation, the customer then connected Jira to Google Sheets for bulk edits, which they couldn’t otherwise perform in Jira.


Seamless collaboration and smoother workflows for all teams. The customer’s data in Jira and GitHub are now aligned, as dev teams in each tool are able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly without switching interfaces. Everything is much smoother now, with no need to constantly switch between tools or manually update statuses. The use of Unito’s automation solution has resulted in more efficient workflows, improved productivity, and better outcomes for the business.

Syncing GitHub and Jira saved the customer ~130 hours of manual effort per week and saved $1.1M annually in operational costs. Not to mention the satisfaction felt by team leads who no longer needed to manually review issues multiple times over. The customer ramped up quickly to enjoy a 5.6x ROI, a ratio that only grew as they began bulk editing Jira issues in Google Sheets.

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Company details

This company offers one of the most popular NoSQL databases on the market, necessitating large teams of developers who work across Jira and GitHub.