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How a Leading CRM Provider Synced and Scaled Marketing Ops in Real-Time

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Task Management

A leading CRM platform -listed as one of Fortune 100’s Top 100 companies to work for- had just migrated their digital marketing team from Asana to Jira for daily work.

Operating in Jira with the rest of the company still in Asana led to slower collaboration between departments and potentially forecasted a cascading loss of revenue with teams unable to reach their departmental marketing KPIs or quarterly goals.

On top of that issue, they were using a number of additional tools, which led to work being performed in silos without sufficient visibility for the leadership group. It was clear an automated solution featuring 2-way sync was needed.

The enterprise organization’s global marketing technology manager was tasked with resolving the team’s dependency on manual copy-pasting data between tools and correcting the rapid slow-down of processes.

A bi-directional sync between tools would be perfect for streamlining collaboration between the marketing team, now in Jira, and other departments still in Asana.

The organization needed a sleek, flexible, in-depth tool for managing their automation needs and so they turned to Unito.

The customer’s pain points

  • The company had just migrated its digital marketing team from Asana to Jira, leading to struggles accounting for all their data.
  • Working in multiple tools between departments slowed collaboration, forecasting a cascading loss of revenue with teams unable to reach their departmental KPIs or quarterly goals.
  • The marketing team was also using a number of additional tools, which led to siloed work without sufficient visibility for the leadership group.


Unito’s Enterprise Base plan provided the company with enough flexibility and depth to connect their most frequently-used tools in a centralized platform that synced work items across Asana, Jira, Notion, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and Airtable. With a customized 2-way sync platform in place, all of their most vital projects were automatically connected across teams and tools with real-time updates.


  • 4.6x ROI
  • $915k saved annually
  • 223 hours saved per week

With a median setup time of only 12 minutes, Unito was considered quick and easy to set up, according to the customer’s global marketing technology manager. Their team especially appreciated how efficiently they were able to launch and execute their intended integrations. From January to June 2023, their Unito usage grew at a MOM rate of 19.6%.

Colleagues in Asana could now assign requests to teammates in Jira; sprints were automatically archived to Google Sheets upon completion; feedback was shared instantly; and leadership maintained visibility on project updates directly from Airtable.

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