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How a Global Tech Leader Streamlines Agile Workflows in Real-Time

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Digital transformation has been a necessity for larger organizations for years now, regardless of industry. However, according to Boston Consulting Group, only 30% of businesses navigate their digital transformation successfully.

One of the main challenges that has arisen over the past two decades has been the rise of a continually expanding SaaS market. Gartner predicts end-user spending on SaaS to reach nearly $600 billion USD by the end of 2023, with 75% of businesses adopting some kind of digital transformation model by 2026.

The challenge there is that organizations now have thousands of potential apps and tools to choose from for every type of organization and role. As new team leaders enter organizations, they bring with them not only their experience, but also their tool knowledge. So a team that’s become familiar with Jira, may suddenly have a Lead Engineer who wants to switch to Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Meanwhile, new technology, such as generative AI, has further transformed the way we work regardless of role.

This is the story of how a global tech giant with over 300,000 employees managed these types of challenges and succeeded with Unito.

The organization found itself facing several key challenges with its software development teams (over 27,000 people):

  • Tool silos within their agile software teams working in separate GitHub repositories, Jira projects, and Trello boards.
  • A lack of visibility and transparency into projects.
  • Redundant processes between teams.
  • Growing inefficiencies, timeline delays and frustration among team members.

Context: Key details lost in the shuffle

Searching for ways to stay on top of development work in Jira, Trello and GitHub

Trello, Jira, and Github each serve a unique purpose for users within the organization, but a lack of integration between them resulted in challenging collaboration obstacles. Leadership struggled to gain a clear view of ongoing projects, which led to exhaustive status meetings just to keep everyone in the loop.

Vital task information was frequently lost in the shuffle of emails and conversations in various places when teams were trying to collaborate. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach, the organization turned to Unito’s enterprise plan to see if they could uncover a real-time sync solution to suit their needs.

Main challenges facing this development team

  • Agile teams needed to collaborate with business users during sprints in Trello, Jira, and Github.
  • Leadership lacked visibility and transparency into tools and/or projects, requiring weekly status meetings to stay updated.
  • Task information was often lost across email and chat when teams were trying to collaborate.

Recalibrating cadences to streamline development work

Unito’s comprehensive enterprise solution enabled users to build two-way workflows securely to sync Trello to GitHub, GitHub to Jira, and even GitHub to GitHub.

Issues and cards now sync bidirectionally, in bulk as they moved through stages, providing visibility to stakeholders and everyone involved. At their peak, thousands of issues and cards were in perfect sync on a daily basis with Unito.

This new system means teams can concentrate on their work within their chosen tool. Each developer and PM now operates secure in the knowledge that updates will be automatically reflected in each tool.


  • ROI: 6.2x
  • $748k saved annually
  • 160 hours saved per week

The impact of this complex integration with Unito was nothing short of transformative. The customer’s agile workflows enable seamless collaboration, enabled by Unito’s 2-way sync platform. Teams were able to accomplish far more in less time, greatly improving efficiency.

The integrated solution provided by Unito saved this customer an estimated 160 hours per week. This translated to an impressive $748k annually in operational costs with workflows that impacted nearly 10% of all employees.

Tedious manual process have been replaced by a sophisticated 2-way sync that requires no maintenance or months of planning.

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This customer is a pioneer in the global technology landscape, operating dozens of research facilities across multiple countries with contributions extending beyond their work as technologists, developers, and engineers, fostering creativity alongside partners and competitors alike.