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How a Global Consulting Firm With $11B in Revenue Syncs Securely

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A global management consulting firm was struggling with a fragmented communication process in Trello due to multiple departments working with their own processes and systems. Managers needed to carefully search through multiple unique boards to find the information they needed and to stay up to date on progress.

This process was not only time-consuming but also made it difficult to generate monthly reports due to the siloed nature of the organization’s various Trello boards. It became clear that change was needed to streamline communication and improve visibility.

The customer’s pain points

  • Inefficient communication and a lack of visibility into other departments’ work.
  • Monthly reports were difficult to generate due to the fragmentation of information across different boards. 
  • Multiple departments in the organization faced similar issues.

The solution

The Talent Acquisition team decided to work with Unito to consolidate Trello cards from multiple boards into master overview boards. They were convinced by Unito’s dedication to data privacy and security. Unito is GDPR-compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 certified, with all data fully encrypted.

Syncing work with Unito allowed the Talent Acquisition team to gain a unified view of their work in a single space, which made generating monthly reports much easier. set off a domino effect internally, as other teams quickly realized the value of automating their workflows with Unito.

The Business Services PMO and Digital Transformation team also integrated their Trello boards with Unito to automate their BAU process meetings.


  • 5.7x ROI
  • $693k saved per year
  • 151 hours saved per week

Nearly a dozen departments set up Unito workspaces to keep their data in sync. Interdepartmental coordination is now faster, simpler and far more efficient thanks to Unito’s 2-way syncing, which enables changes in one connected board to automatically update cards in another connected board without manual input. Project reporting is immediate, and individual contributors have reported greater happiness at work with less clutter in their Trello boards and fewer manual tasks. 

At scale across the organization, Unito has saved the consulting firm over 151 hours per week and nearly $700k in operational costs. Time that would have been spent manually searching for data and updating multiple sources can now be invested in driving the business forward, focusing on departmental goals, and planning out future initiatives with more flexibility.

Streamline consulting workflows with Unito

Integrating with Unito allowed this management consulting firm to streamline its communication processes and improve efficiency across the organization. The Talent Acquisition team’s initial request led to nearly a dozen departments adopting the technology, saving significant time and money. Unito’s simple 2-way syncing provided a unified view of the organization’s work, leading to happier employees and improved project outcomes.

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Management consulting is a high-stakes industry, and delivering maximum value to clients is a priority for firms like this one.