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Use case

Task Management

No two days are the same for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team at a leading global sports and media entity. Their typical workload involves planning high-profile community development and outreach, partnering with NGOs, managing sponsorships, and reporting progress to internal stakeholders.

The high-profile nature of the business means that potential mistakes or missteps in the CSR team’s daily operations could have significant consequences in the media. It is crucial for them to maintain focus on accuracy and effective communication between teams, departments, and colleagues.

Managing day-to-day operations on high profile initiatives

The Corporate Social Responsibility team uses multiple Trello boards to plan and manage their day-to-day operations. Trello cards in both individual and team boards serve various purposes. Some cards manage events or business development initiatives, while others represent contracts with partners and vendors. They also use cards for marketing content production, league ops, and logistics.

Challenge: Getting thousands of Trello cards to sync easily

Transferring information or reporting progress often required careful attention to detail and reviewing each card’s description, comments, and checklists. Additionally, working with Trello boards containing thousands of cards required extensive manual input.

Assignments often relied on input from multiple teams in different Trello boards. Users would copy and paste the same card into multiple locations, leading to outdated information. There was a need for an automation solution to streamline tasks.

How it all came together in a single Unito workflow

The CSR team lead wanted to mitigate data loss, boost efficiency, and eliminate manual reviews of each board. Ideally this would include automated reporting in Google Sheets. No small feat, but Unito was the perfect solution to meet these challenges by enabling fast, simple syncing between Trello cards and boards.

2-Way Board Sync and Mirroring Power-Up for Trello

Solution: Setting up the ultimate Trello Hub Board

The CSR team worked with Unito’s dedicated product specialists to implement a comprehensive Trello Hub Board capable of managing work in all synced boards and automatically dispatching assignments.

They also wanted the freedom to export Trello data into Google Sheets for easy analysis and reporting, without the need for manual data entry.

An example of the corporate social responsibility team's Unito workflow

By connecting their Trello boards through Unito, the CSR team simplified project management efforts and instantly synced thousands of Trello cards between boards.

Smaller Trello boards were connected to a larger board used as a business tracker to efficiently distribute assignments to individual boards.

Overnight, all team members became aligned on contract progress, medical and security updates, partnerships, marketing efforts, and more.

Saving 130 hours per week with a 4.3x ROI

As of June 2023, Unito was syncing 7,000 Trello cards daily, simplifying the CSR team’s processes and operations.

Impact by the numbers

  • 130 hours saved per week
  • $530,000 saved per year
  • 4.3x ROI

According to an internal estimate, Unito’s automated 2-way workflows resulted in a 4.3x ROI within months of launch, saving the customer nearly ~130 hours of manual input per week and an operational cost savings of $530k per year.

Freed from the burden of manual progress tracking, senior members of the CSR team could dedicate more time to planning future projects, initiatives, and high-impact work.

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Company details

A major sports and media entity’s Corporate Social Responsibility team was managing a range of projects in Trello with thousands of cards to maintain each day. The customer wanted to reduce manual input, prevent loss of information, increase efficiency, and eliminate manual reviews of each boards. Implementing Unito’s 2-way sync platform led to a 4.3x ROI within months of launch, saving the customer ~130 hours each week and an operational cost savings of $530k per year.