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Not sure which work management tool is best for you? Maybe you need to learn a new tool? Get tips, beginner guides, and advanced tricks all in one place.

An illustration of a man riding a bicycle made of gears, representing marketing automation platforms.

The Marketing Automation Platform: How to Squeeze More Work Out of Every Hour

With a marketing automation platform, your marketing team can get more out of every work day by automating mundane tasks and streamlining processes. Here’s how.

Spreadsheets vs. Databases: Which One Should You Be Using?

Spreadsheets vs. databases, what’s the difference anyway? One’s great for many use cases, while the other is best for managing tons of data.

The 6 Best Sales Tracking Software for Transforming Your Pipeline

Sales tracking software like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Pipedrive helps sales leaders track their team’s performance and more. Here are some of the best.

A screenshot of a woman reaching for an envelope with a paint roller, representing reporting automation tools.

6 of the Best Reporting Automation Tools

Some of the best reporting automation tools include Funnel, Tableau, Zoho Analytics, and Swydo. Here’s our breakdown of each one, how much they cost, and who they’re best suited for.

Running shoes, representing data ingestion tools.

10 Digital Ingestion Tools That Keep Your Data Consistent

Data ingestion tools grab data from multiple sources and help you put it all in one place. Here are some of the best.

A robot reaching for a Microsoft Excel logo, representing ways to automate Excel.

5 Ways You Can Automate Excel and Streamline Your Workflows

Excel is a great tool for reporting and other tasks that rely on a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, it often comes with a lot of manual work. Here’s how you can automate away some of that elbow grease.

How to Export GitHub Issues and Pull Requests to Google Sheets Automatically

Here’s a quick and easy guide for anyone who wants to integrate GitHub with Google Sheets using Unito’s no-code, automated 2-way workflow.

A Google Sheets logo on a green background, representing Google Sheets tips.

5 Google Sheets Tips for Turning Exported Data Into a Great Report

There are a ton of ways to export data from a tool like Trello or Asana into Google Sheets. But here’s how you can easily turn a data export into a powerful report.

How to Sync Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar with 2-Way Updates Automatically

Here’s how to keep your Outlook and Google calendars synced with automated 2-way updates to share visibility on events easily.

Logos for Google Sheets and Excel, around the word "vs." representing a blog post comparing google sheets vs. excel.

Google Sheets vs. Excel: Which Spreadsheet Tool is Best for You?

Every team needs a spreadsheet tool, but how are you supposed to pick between the two kings? Here’s our breakdown of the Google Sheets vs. Excel match up.

How to Automate Google Sheets with Live 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to set up real-time updates between Google Sheets and another tool through Unito’s 2-way integration.