5 Ways We Use Unito Integrations at Unito

5 Ways We Use Unito Integrations at Unito

Like any other organization, we have a full tool stack. We use Asana as our work hub, Trello to track key deliverables, Miro for brainstorming, Slack for company-wide communication, and the list goes on. This can create friction points in certain workflows, friction that needs smoothing out so everyone can do their best work.

Thankfully, we have integrations that cover just about every corner of our tool stack. Some we’ve been using for quite some time to bridge the gap between our tools, others we’re still implementing. In both scenarios, we get a productivity boost and insights on making each integration even better.

Here are five ways we’re using Unito integrations at Unito.

Simplifying sales reporting in Google Sheets

Our sales team loves using HubSpot to track deals and opportunities. They spend so much time in that tool that asking them to create reports in Google Sheets for the rest of the team means expecting them to go through a ton of manual work. So, instead of forcing that manual work on them, we’ve set up a flow using our integration for Google Sheets and HubSpot. That way, closed deals and high-priority opportunities are automatically synced to Google Sheets, where stakeholders and collaborators from other teams can see — and act — on them.

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Getting high-level data from Airtable to Asana

We love using Airtable bases to organize, collect, and prioritize information. Our product managers and project managers use it to collect information on potential integrations, so we can decide which ones we want to work on first. But because Asana is our work hub, that meant we had to jump between the two tools whenever we needed to dispatch work. But with our integration for Asana and Airtable, we can automatically send information from Airtable into Asana, so our developers can work off of updated information at all times.

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Sending customer feedback from HubSpot to Asana

HubSpot isn’t just used by Unito’s sales team. All our customer-facing teams have at least a tangential relationship with this CRM. That means we’ll get feedback from customers in HubSpot, which often needs to get passed on to other teams in the organization. Maybe someone requests a new feature, and the development team needs to get their eyes on it. Or there’s an issue with a marketing initiative that marketers need to be aware of right away. That’s why we use our integration for HubSpot and Asana to pluck that feedback out of HubSpot and put it in Asana tasks, where people can actually act on them.

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Tracking key deliverables from Asana in Trello

Back before everyone was forced out of the office by the pandemic, we used to surface key deliverables at a weekly all-hands meeting. We used a Trello board to display high-level, high-impact initiatives and whether they were still in planning, started, or delivered. That way, everyone had the chance to communicate their important initiatives with other teams. But those initiatives all live in Asana. That’s why we use a Unito flow to send high-priority initiatives from Asana to this Trello board so updates are automatically represented in Trello.

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Reporting on freelance work between Trello and Asana

We use a combination of full-time collaborators and freelancers to close out some of our key initiatives. That means we’re frequently working with freelance writers, designers, and developers. We don’t necessarily want to give them access to our whole Asana instance, so we usually go through an alternate tool to track work, deliverables, and due dates. That tool is usually Trello. But we need to keep their work visible for the rest of the team, without forcing them to hop back and forth between Trello and Asana. That’s why we use Unito to sync relevant Trello cards back to Asana, where collaborators can make comments, give updates, and more.

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