Nicholas Bouchard

Nick has worked as a marketer for growing tech teams for nearly five years. He has extensive experience with Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Google Sheets, HubSpot, Intercom, Mailchimp, and more. Nick often serves as an improvised project manager for Unito's marketing team, and Asana is his weapon of choice. When he's not writing for the Unito blog, Nick is either working on his latest novel or obsessing over building a self-sustaining homestead in an undisclosed location.
An illustration of a computer monitor with gears around it, representing automation software.

What is Automation Software?

With automation software, you can automate all those little tasks that suck up time and don’t really need a human touch. Here’s how that works and which solution you should choose.

Logos for google sheets, representing how to merge google sheets.

How To Merge Multiple Google Sheets Into One (3 Methods)

Need to merge data from multiple Google Sheets into one? You can do that by exporting CSV files, with formulas, or with Unito. Here’s how.

An illustration of a woman in front of a board of tasks, representing project management reporting.

What Is Project Management Reporting? (And a Free Template)

In project management, reporting is about making sure everyone knows what’s been done, what still needs to be done, and how it’ll happen.

Logos for Outlook and Excel, representing a guide to export outlook calendar events to Excel.

How to Export Outlook Calendar Events to Microsoft Excel (2 Methods)

Need to get your Outlook events into a spreadsheet? Here are two ways you can do that without spending your time doing mind-numbing manual work.

A logo for excel, representing an article about how to use VLOOKUP in Excel From Another Sheet

How To Use Vlookup in Excel From Another Sheet

Here’s how you can use VLOOKUP in Excel to pull data from another sheet in just a few clicks. It’s not that hard!

An illustration of a man at a laptop, representing a monthly reporting template.

What Is a Monthly Reporting Template? (And Some Templates To Help You)

Monthly reporting templates are used by CEOs, team leads, and project managers to share progress with the rest of the business. Here’s how you can use them, too.

An illustration of two people at the bottom of stairs leading up to a trophy, representing the sales leaderboard.

The Sales Leaderboard: What It Is and How to Make Your Own

With a sales leaderboard, you can appeal to that competitive side in every salesperson. Here’s how it works.

An illustration with eight Trello logos connected with arrows, representing the hub board.

How to Build a Hub Board in Trello

A hub board is essential for syncing Trello cards between multiple Trello boards. Here’s how you can build your own with Unito.

Logos for Smartsheet and Excel, representing how to export Smartsheet to Excel.

How to Export Smartsheet Tasks to Excel (2 Methods)

Smartsheet is a great tool for managing projects, but sometimes you need that data in Excel. Here are two ways you can export Smartsheet to Excel.

The Weekly Status Report: What It’s for and How It’s Done (With Templates)

A weekly status report helps keep teams aligned, stakeholders informed, and projects moving smoothly. Here’s how to make yours work.

An illustration of a robot with an abacus.

The 10 Best AI Marketing Tools for Teams That Need To Do More With Less

The best AI marketing tools can help your team save tons of time on creating content, prowling social media, and more. Here are some of the best.