Nicholas Bouchard

Nick is Unito’s Marketing Copywriter and Resident Word Man. He worked as a freelance writer around his day jobs for three years before joining up with Unito. His hobbies range from writing fiction to slamming folks around the wrestling ring.
Unito Product Updates

Unito Product Updates: A Master List

An ongoing list of all the updates, big and small, made to Unito.

Trello’s GitHub Power-up vs. Unito’s GitHub Integration for Trello

Have to integrate GitHub with Trello, but you’re not sure how? You could go for Trello’s own GitHub Power-Up, or Unito’s deeper integration. Here’s how they compare.

Different coloured notion screens, representing the reporting blog post.

What Is Reporting? A Definition, Common Tools, and More

Reporting workflows cover the work involved in creating, sharing, and using reports. Learn more about the discipline, the tools required, and more.

Logos for KRS, HubSpot, and ClickUp, for the KRS case study.

Case Study: How Krijgsman Retail Services Bridges the Gap Between Hubspot and Clickup With Unito

“In just two weeks of using Unito, I’ve seen more HubSpot work getting crossed off and completed. We got an immediate sense of the difference.” – Milan Soekhai, Digital Marketing Manager at Krijgsman Retail Services.

Webinar: Integrating Your Tool Stack With Asana Using Unito

Working with other tools but want to keep Asana as your tool hub? Learn about top integrations for Asana and best practices in this webinar.

An illustration of the Unito flow list with the Airtable logo.

How To Automate Project Health Reports With Airtable and Unito

Struggling to keep stakeholders in the loop? Airtable is a great tool for building custom reports that surface high-level information from your projects. And with Unito, you can keep these reports updated automatically.

Smiling people in front of a Unito flow list, for the how to use Slack blog post.

How To Use Slack: A Guide for Beginners

Need to learn how to use Slack quick? We’ve got you covered with this guide to the interface, creating channels, sending messages, and more.

An image of Unito's flow list with the Notion logo and smiling faces.

How To Report on Development Work With Notion and Jira

Need an eye on development work? We built a template so you can sync crucial data from Jira to Notion in just a few clicks with Unito.

Two people jump through the air while collaborating on reporting workflows

Get Unito’s Report on Reporting and Achieve Better Reporting for All

If reports are so important, why is reporting such a pain in the neck? We asked 150 people, and you’ll find their answers in Unito’s Report on Reporting.

Two headshots of smiling people around the flow list screen in Unito.

Build Dynamic Progress Reports With Google Sheets and Unito [TEMPLATE]

Building progress reports can create a number of headaches. You need to consolidate data from multiple sources, turn it into something that makes sense, and then build the actual report. Here’s a template to save you time and headaches.

The Google Sheets logo, with a dropdown menu on which Copy Template is highlighted, representing Google Sheets project management.

Google Sheets Project Management: What It Is and 6 Templates That Make It Easier

Thinking about managing your next project with Google Sheets? Here are 6 must-have templates that cover Gantt charts, project planning, monthly expense tracking, and more.